Tuesday, November 27, 2012

The little things

I have had a rough last few days. 
I had my third treatment last Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. It was hard on me.
The hardest I have had since I started treatment.
I was extremely nauseous from Tuesday until today.
I went in to see my doctor yesterday and she gave me a nausea patch.
Boy did that thing work wonders!!! :) I woke up this morning feeling wonderful!

Today has been a fantastic day for me.

I was up early, went to my doctors appointment. I stopped by Ashley's work and had lunch with her. It was great to see you today Ash!! Thanks again for lunch.

From there I went to see my cousin Jesse and his little precious gift Audrey and of course the boys Copper and Boomer. I haven't see Jesse if what seems like forever. He is a busy police officer now and I don't get out much. It was so nice to see him today and just catch up. I don't see him often enough. Thanks for the nice visit Jess. I love you!

After leaving Jesse's house I stopped by CVAM to see another cousin Britney!! :) OH how I just love you to death! I thank you so much for Starbucks and the little chat! It was nice to just get out and sit in the nice weather and talk! :) It was much needed and I had such a good time!!!

Keep in mind one of my most favorite things in life is to drive with my Windows down and my music up load.  I got to do so much of that today! It was perfect weather today and it was just so great to be OUT!  I have been OUT in over a week! :)

It's all the little things in life that make days like today extra special.  Its people like the ones I got to spend the day with today that make me count my blessings, and when I count them its each and everyone of you. :) Thank you so much for being you.

I love you guys!



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