Thursday, December 27, 2012


I would like to Congratulate Vickie Johnson on winning the 40 pound Beef Raffle!
I would like to just say our raffles are not rigged!! ha ha
There has been a few lucky family members to win the raffles we have put on. 
Congratulations again mom for winning the raffle!!!
A special thanks to those of you that participated in the raffles and all the other fundraisers we have put on in the past 4 months.  It is greatly appreciated, without each of you none of this would ever be possible.
I love you all so much!

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Crossbow Fundraiser...

Just a quick post...
We did the drawing last night for the Crossbow, and we had drawn out Micah Chlarson!
Congratulations Micah, enjoy your new Crossbow!!
Just in time for the Holiday!

and the RESULTS...ARE IN...

My results are in and YAY!!
I am very happy to report that my levels are up!! I can't tell you how excited I am.
I had blood work drawn on Monday and I waited the 10 minutes for the results.  Andrea the RN tells me "your labs are up, but I need to run them past Michele" (she is Dr. Borst's PA) I am freaking out thinking they are still low and I am going to have to start the other chemo drug.
She returns and says "your good to go, your WBC is great, but your platelets are low. We like them at 100 or higher, and they are at 85, so just don't go running around your house with a knife and you should be good" ha ha
Such a joker that one!!
I am still waiting to see if I will need to do the other Chemo Drug, if my labs are up next week, we probably won't have to do it! YAY!!
I am just so excited!! No more house arrest for this girl! YAHOO!!!
Later in the day yesterday I got a call from Michele, (Dr. Borst's PA) with my results for the biopsy they did last Tuesday. She says "Great news, the pathology on the tissue sample we took came back and we have nothing to worry about. The tissue was just inflamed and due to the radiation, that explains the discoloration so your all good! Merry Christmas"
This and my labs just made it a fantastic day!! I can go up North and just relax and enjoy the family, winter weather and Christmas!
I have so much to be thankful for!
Thank you everyone for all the prayers, they are greatly appreciated, keep them coming he hears us!

Tuesday, December 11, 2012


The power of Prayer is amazing!!!
I have so much to be thankful for and I can't even begin to thank you all for your thoughts and prayers.
I am part of a support group on Face book for SCCC (Small Cell Cervical Cancer) and LCCC (Large Cell Cervical Cancer) a few months ago they posted about the Allyson Whitney Foundation Inc.
I submitted all my necessary information and my essay to the foundation, I got a call yesterday from the foundation Representative telling me I was chosen and they were going to be sending me the Grant.  After a few questions and exchange of some information all was complete. I can't believe it!!! I am so thankful for all this, it's so wonderful. The money will go to the rest of my medical bills. I can't even begin to tell you how thankful and appreciative I am.  I know I have been praying and so have many of you.  I thank you so much for that! :)
Please continue sending prayers up, I know he hears us.
On November 5th I had my last Radiation treatment and exam by Dr. Zaky. 
She is my Radiation Oncologist.  When she did my final exam post treatment (this includes a physical) she found a spot on the left at the surgical site.  She descirbed it as either a suture with scar tissue formed around it, or just scar tissue.  She wanted me to see Dr. Borst my Gynecology Oncologist/Surgeon for a second opinion.
Today was that day. I have been a nervous wreck for the past three days and my emotions have been running at an all time HIGH! ha ha I went in thinking I was going to be seeing Michelle, Dr. Borst's PA.  As all my treatment and appointments are usually with her. So when I called her today to let her know The Allyson Whitney Foundation Inc. would be calling her today to have the last few questions answered, she asked me if I was in the office.  I was surprised by this, since my chemo appointment today wasn't until 2pm. After sounding shocked and saying "no" she asked I come in about 1145am, as Dr. Borst wouldn't be in the office for a full day and the exam would be with him.
I hung up freaking I was thinking it has to be bad news if I need to see my Surgeon again. I went in and saw Michelle PA first, she did the exam and said she saw just what Dr. Zaky had and she too thought it was just scar tissue, she was going to biopsy it, but wanted to talk to Dr. Borst first.
He came in the room and said it was great to see me and knew I would be holding up well. He then said he wanted to be the one to take a look and see what was going on.  He did another exam and said he saw just what everyone else had. He complimented Dr. Zaky for looking so closely as the spot they are looking at is about the size of a BB. He did the biopsy and said he believes it is just scar tissue that was radiated, but wanted to make sure.  He did the biopsy and will send it off to Pathology.  I will have the results back within 5-7 business days. Please continue to pray for a good Pathology report.  Please pray it is just scar tissue like Dr. Borst thinks.
After seeing Dr. Borst and having my exam, I felt as though a weight had been lifted off my shoulders.  I have been saying my prayers it's not Cancer. I will continue to say my prayers. 
I think that about wraps things up. I am sorry to not post often and then all of a sudden 3 back to back! ha ha :)
I love you!


Just a reminder...
We have a 40 pounds of beef to raffle off, donated to us from a local butcher shop in Queen Creek.
The drawing will be on December 22nd. 
I do believe the 40 pounds will be in all different cuts!!
Each ticket is a $1.00 or 6 tickets for $5.00.
Please contact Malisa Caldwell @ 480.206.5457 or Cathi Bell @ 480.510.7135!
Special thanks to Melisa Caldwell and Cathi Bell for putting this raffle together and getting donations! It wouldn't be possible without your hard work!! :) I love you girls both so much!!!
Thank you again! :)
Don't forget about the COACH RAFFLE either...see the flayer below for more details!!!

Monday, December 10, 2012

Round 4...

Here I sit in the chemo chair, waiting for the news on my levels.
It's a long 10 minute wait.  I have had this uneasy feeling all morning.  I know it's partly because  I never know what my levels are going to be or if I will get treated, and partly because if I do get treated I know what's in store for me. 
Round three was very difficult for me.  It was Thanksgiving week and I spent the whole week more nauseous than one might get on a sit and spin for 8 days straight!! I would get extremely nauseous just rolling from my back to my side.  I spent Thanksgiving alone, in bed with Sophia and Bailey at my side and choking back vomit. Nice visual huh? I was suppose to have Thanksgiving at my house and the whole family was suppose to come over for a BIG celebration. Well, the Monday 3 days prior to Thanksgiving, I got word my levels were down yet again.  I could still have Thanksgiving at my house just make sure to wear my mask and not be around anyone that was sick. I decided to cancel the Thanksgiving at my house to be on the safe side. Boy am I glad I cancelled it.
I had blood work drawn on the following Monday (last week) and I texted my doctor on Tuesday to see what my levels were. She called me and the word she used to describe my levels was...LOUSEY! :( My first reaction was "WHAT!!" I am not sure how this is possible.  As most of you know I have been fighting with my levels staying at a normal level.  The higher my levels are the better off I am. The lower my levels are the more prone to infection I am and the worse off I am. She told me come in right away we need you to get your Neupogen injections. 
For those of you that didn't read my previous posts, Neupogen injections is a series of three injections that help your bone marrow produce quicker. This is suppose to keep my levels at a normal level so I don't have to wear a mask all the time, or worry AS MUCH about catching something.  When my levels are low this means I don't have an immune system, if I were to catch something I wouldn't be able to fight it off, increasing my chances of death.
So you see my anxiety for that 10 minute wait at the beginning of every week. Today I got the news that my levels were yet again too low. To put it into numbers for you to better understand my WBC should be between 4.0-10.5 and my Nuetraphils (the baby WBC) between 2.2-4.8.  Last weeks Nuetraphils were .8!!!! That's the lowest they have been since I have started. As for this week, WBC is 2.5 and Nuetraphils are 1.03. 
When I talked to my doctor, she decided we are going to decrease my Cistplatin (the harsher of the two chemos) by 20%. This is the second time I have had to decrease the Cistplatin by 20%.   Basically what is happening is my Bone Marrow (the WBC) is being knocked down by the chemo, and the Neupogen injections are suppose to help rebuild the bone morrow, but aren't rebuilding the bone marrow as quickly as they like. Since I had the injections last Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday and today is only MONDAY, I should have levels OFF THE CHARTS. 
My doctor will be talking to Dr. Borst and seeing what he wants to do for further treatment.
The word right now is that since my body is having a hard time tolerating the Cistplatin drug, he might decide to change to another chemo drug. If that happens I will have at least 4 more added rounds.  For now I am getting Chemo this week days Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday then get one injection on Thursday and draw labs next Monday.  Those labs will show if the injection and the decrease of chemo is working, and if my body will be able to tolerate it.  If my body can, we hopefully will go about life as normal.  If I can't then they will change the drug and add 4 more rounds to my treatment. They are talking about still possibly adding 4 more rounds to the treatment either way. It will all depend on how my labs come back next Monday. Please say your prayers that my labs are good next Monday and they decide not to add the other 4 rounds. 
If they add the other 4 rounds, we will do a scan between now and before starting the next 4 rounds to see if there is any Cancer tumors present. 
Depending on the results to the scan will depend on the course of action.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012


So you say you're on your own
And nothing's going right
Fist to fist and heart to heart
You get back up and fight

And now...
Your torn like a flag on a battleground
Stepped on and beaten down
But somehow, yeah somehow
You still manage, yeah you manage to survive
You manage to survive.

It's your courage
Take 'em on, take 'em out
Take a stand, take a bow
It's your courage
Take 'em on, take 'em out
Take a stand, take a bow

So now you're thinking it's the end
You're stuck in your self doubt
And if a picture says 1000 words
Take 'em till your words run out
Well it's a new chapter in your life
In your broken soul, your broken bones
Your broken heart, your broken bonds
But you still fight to make it right
In your broken soul, your broken bones
Your broken heart, your broken bonds
But you still fight to make it right
to make it right

It's your courage
Take 'em on, take 'em out
Take a stand, take a bow
It's your courage
Take 'em on, take 'em out
Take a stand, take a bow

It's last call, last chance
Line 'em up and let's make it last
Why wait when the days go fast
Make the call don't let it pass

It's your courage
Take 'em on, take 'em out
Take a stand, take a bow
It's your courage
Take 'em on, take 'em out
Take a stand, take a bow

It's your courage 

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

The little things

I have had a rough last few days. 
I had my third treatment last Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. It was hard on me.
The hardest I have had since I started treatment.
I was extremely nauseous from Tuesday until today.
I went in to see my doctor yesterday and she gave me a nausea patch.
Boy did that thing work wonders!!! :) I woke up this morning feeling wonderful!

Today has been a fantastic day for me.

I was up early, went to my doctors appointment. I stopped by Ashley's work and had lunch with her. It was great to see you today Ash!! Thanks again for lunch.

From there I went to see my cousin Jesse and his little precious gift Audrey and of course the boys Copper and Boomer. I haven't see Jesse if what seems like forever. He is a busy police officer now and I don't get out much. It was so nice to see him today and just catch up. I don't see him often enough. Thanks for the nice visit Jess. I love you!

After leaving Jesse's house I stopped by CVAM to see another cousin Britney!! :) OH how I just love you to death! I thank you so much for Starbucks and the little chat! It was nice to just get out and sit in the nice weather and talk! :) It was much needed and I had such a good time!!!

Keep in mind one of my most favorite things in life is to drive with my Windows down and my music up load.  I got to do so much of that today! It was perfect weather today and it was just so great to be OUT!  I have been OUT in over a week! :)

It's all the little things in life that make days like today extra special.  Its people like the ones I got to spend the day with today that make me count my blessings, and when I count them its each and everyone of you. :) Thank you so much for being you.

I love you guys!



Saturday, November 17, 2012

. . .THANKFUL. . .

Today's post is about FAMILY and FRIENDS...
I am so thankful for each and every one of you.  I have the best support system a girl could ask for, and I wouldn't be able to fight this fight without each of you.  Today's post is going to be a long I have many to be THANKFUL for. . .
To my AMAZING mother, I can't thank you enough for everything you do, have done and continue to do for me.  You are always there no matter what I need, or don't need. You take me from place to place to place. You have left your home and your life in Show Low to spend the whole time down here in with me, I can't thank you enough. Your an amazing woman, a huge inspiration and so loving. I hope to be just like you when I decide to grow up. :) I love you with all of my heart Mom!!
To my STRONGER than life father, Your a rock! Your the strongest man I have ever met in my life. Your are what a father should be. You are encouraging, supportive and loving. I know you will always be there for me in anything. I can't even begin to thank you enough. THANK YOU from the earth all the way to the stars and back down to the earth. I love you papa! :)
Oh my Scotty boy...where to start. I love you so much. I thank you for pushing me when I needed to be pushed. When I didn't want to do something you are always there to tell me otherwise. I can't thank you enough for that. I know I am never easy to deal with but it seems to come easy for you.  Thank you for doing endless amounts of research, up all night and day to find the best of the best for me. I hope you know how much I appreciate it and it doesn't go unnoticed. I can even begin to tell you how thankful I am that God gave me you.  I am reminded of the song by Blake Shelton "God Gave Me You" I couldn't have said it better myself.

Katrina, big sister of mine...Your such a wonderful sister, mother, and best friend. I can't imagine my life without you apart of it. If I ever have half as much courage you do, I will be in good shape. Your compassionate and loving.  To have you in my corner encouraging me, and always positive, I can't thank you enough for, nor return the favor. I can only hope that I will grow to be half the woman you are. I love you big sister. :)

 B, Brother Boy, Bannon you have many names, but the best name I could ever call you is MY brother.  Like Dad, you are strong in so many ways.  You are supportive, positive, encouraging, loving, you always know how to make me smile and feel good about anything and everything. You have a way with words.  I know I can always look to you for support.  You have become a great man, one I am happy to call MY brother, family and friend. I love you big brother. Thank you for all your support!

Ashley...Oh Ashley.  The first thing I think of is "help, someone help me I am stuck, stuck in my pajamas.  I need help" ha ha I will forever remember that voicemail.  You have always been able to make me laugh. I love you from your silliness all the way to your perfection, and everything in between.  I know I have said "thank-you"but I am not sure you know how much I am thankful to have you, and thankful for everything you have done for me.  From helping me with my FMLA and STD Paperwork to your endless fundraisers to just being my sister. So THANK YOU, THANK YOU!! I  love you Ash.

Peanut oh Peanut, I don't know where to begin with you. I know your only 7 years old and you may not realize this now, but someday you will.  You are far more mature than most 7 year olds. You inspire me!!  You always have since the day you were born. My life changed, heck the WORLD changed the day you were born.  I am the lucky one to call you MY PEANUT.  You always make me laugh!! Your really good at that.  I love spending time with you just singing to our music as loud as it will go!!! Thanks for being YOU!! Tata loves you so much!! :)

Beefy so thankful for your spirit!!  Your ability to see me with or without hair.  I am thankful for your "big squeeze" hugs, the kisses you give.  You have such a big heart for such a young little man.  If your anything like the other men in our family your going to grow up to be such a gentleman. I love you more than you will ever know!!!  Thank you for always making me laugh...I love you with all my heart Beefy!!

Ella Bean I am thankful for you each and every day. I am so thankful I get to call you my Ella Bean.  I am thankful you are just up the street and I get to see you grow and develop.  Your such a smart little thing. :) Thank you for always putting a smile on my face.  I can't help but be smile and be happy when I am around you....little ball of sunshine!! I Love You Bean!

Grammy, I am thankful for our conversations! I am thankful to have such an strong, inspiring woman as my grandmother.  You have shown me anything is possible. I know where Mom gets it from!! :) I love you with all that I am.  I can't wait to spend a few days with you over Thanksgiving!!!

To all my Aunts, Uncles and Cousins, life has been fantastic with you all by my side. I love that I get to call you all family.  :) I love our big family gatherings and the dance competitions! Your all so amazing in all your own special ways! Thank you so much for all you have done for me and all the support you have shown.  Life wouldn't be the same without each of you. Thank you so much!

Marsha, Ross and Matthew...You three make up the other half of my wonderful family.  Your positive, supportive and nothing short of amazing people.  God blessed me when he sent you to be in my life.  I have enjoyed every single moment I have spent with all three of you.  You truly are an amazing family.  Thank you for everything you have done for me.  Its all greatly appreciated.  I love all of you like my own mother, father and brother.

Big Bird and Little Bird, or Candy Cottenbottom and Beverly Buttkiss.  Out of all the things I can be thankful for your friendship is one of them.  You girls are both so crazy and wild and I wouldn't have it any other way. Your silly dancing and rap song singing keeps this neighbor a happy one.  Thank you for everything!! (Everything sums it up right?)  I love you girls to death...Can't wait to see your old butt climbing the brick wall! ha ha :)

To The Murphy Clan; I love how passionate and caring you are.  I didn't know I would be getting a life long friend the day I started at Banner.  I am so thankful to have you in my life.  Thank you for letting me be apart of your life as well.  Sharing all the special moments in your lives as well as mine. We have many many more to come.  I love you all and can't wait to hug you all again soon!

I know there is many, many more of you out there I didn't list, but know that I am thankful for each of you.  I am sorry I didn't list each of you, but we could be here all day! :) Please know you all have touched my life in one special way or another.  Life sure has it's crazy moments and somethings we will never understand but one thing is for sure life is worth living.  Life is a precious gift.  No matter what always remember...

"When we travel life's roads with those we love, the point of destination is always secondary to the quality of the journey!"


Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Cupcakes & Crystals

Soo sorry, for some reason the other post I THOUGHT was on here wasn't!!  This party is being hosted by Katrina Johnson, Tyla Francis & Katie Lohman, please join us by stopping by the Jewelry Party THIS Saturday, November 10th at 2pm!  You know...Christmas is coming some shopping? 

Thank you,

Monday, November 5, 2012


So Today was a FABULOUS day...It was GRADUATION DAY here in Arizona for me! I can't tell you how excited I am to be done with this phase of treatment. It all started out great, but the longer I did radiation treatment the more it built up in my system the more side effects I began to experience. I started getting severe stomach cramping about 15-30 minutes after treatment every day.  As you might imagine this put me down for most of the day.  Due to the high does of radiation I was getting, it started to effect various parts of my lower body.  My skin became slightly discolored, a dark brownish color  (radiation burns). Which I am assured will go away a few weeks after treatment is done.  I had a loss of pubic hair, which I now know was from Radiation NOT chemo, or a combination of both. (not always a bad thing ha ha) I have been having some bladder issues for the past 2 weeks or so. On top of a yeast infection I have been fighting for my entire treatment. These are just a few "small side effects".  I am SO GLAD RADIATION IS OVER!! :)
That being said some of you are aware of the hard decision I have been faced with and the decisions I must make.  With normal HPV caused Cervical Cancer radiation treatment would consist of external radiation treatment (what I just finished) and then Brachytherapy (internal radiation treatment).  Since my cancer is NOT HPV caused there isn't many medical studies/research done to prove that Brachytherapy would benefit me or not benefit me. As there is only 2% of women that have my type of cervical caner. The Brachytherapy is a tube that is placed in the vagina, and a robot machine is then attached to the tube by a hose.  They then place you in a sealed room by yourself with this robot and deliver small beads of radiation into the tube that in placed inside you.  The purpose for this radiation is the treat the top of the vaginal cuff.  Which kills the cells in that area so the cancer doesn't come back. The side effect is I am only 27, I would need to use a dilator 3 times a week for 15 minutes a day for the rest of my life.  The purpose for that is when you do the Brachytherapy it builds scar tissue on the vaginal walls, which becomes to heavy for the walls to hold up and they collapse.  Meaning getting pelvic exams, or having intercourse would become impossible.  Its very painful. As you can tell I have a big decision to make. I have my appointment set for next Tuesday to start the Brachytherapy, however I am getting second and third opinions with other doctors and I am doing as much research as possible.  I have been in touch with many patients that have had the Brachytherapy done and getting as much information for them as I can. There is no reason to put my body through even more radiation, side effects and long term side effects if it's not absolutely necessary.  It is only 3 extra weeks of treatment, one day a week for three weeks.  The whole process is about 2-3 hours each day.  I just want to make sure it's what's best for me and my body.  If I decide against the Brachytherapy then I will just call and cancel my appointment on Tuesday.  I don't want to have any regrets later on down the road, but I am just not sold on the fact that having the Brachytherapy is the best decision for me. I will keep you all posted on what my decision is. 
As for Chemo, I will start my third round on Monday November 12th.  I will be half way done with chemo at this time! I have 6 rounds of chemo total.  Chemo has been going well, I have three days of chemo where I feel great the first day, tired and run down the second and third days.  By my 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th days I am at my worst.  I have been getting muscle aches and slight headaches with chemo.  My skin becomes very sensitive to the touch and hurts just to wear clothes. I am very tired and nauseous this whole time.  Once this all passes I start feeling back to my normal self.  So I have one bad week and two good ones, I can handle that! :)
I am almost done and Cancer FREE!!! I can't wait for my next Graduation day!
I have posted a video of Graduation day today at Radiation above...Please feel free to watch it! :) It's a big accomplishment and I am proud to say I was strong enough! :)
I love you,

Monday, October 29, 2012

Navajo Taco Dinner!

Who doesn't LOVE navajo tacos?  And we all know everybody loves not having to cook dinner and clean up.  If you haven't had a navajo taco, now's your chance to eat some yummy food and help raise money for Miss Tanya in the process. 

We have some pretty amazing ladies working hard to put this together.  They have gotten donation after donation for the food and drinks, as well as the amazing items for the silent auction and raffle. 
We have so many items....where to start?  Well to name a few.... 

  • Homemade cedar chest, built by my amazing dad, so you know it will require 3 large men to move and will hold up for years.  Just kidding on the 3 large men. 
  • Quilt ladder, also made by my dad. 
  • Quilt~you can't have a quilt without something to put it on.  So bid on both!
  • Photo shoots
  • Car washes~might want to hang on to these for the yucky weather sure to come. 
  • Mary Kay products
  • A gorgeous necklace designed by Helmut the Jewler especially for this event.  Holy Cow, right!  Yay! 
  • And so, so, so many more. 
You just might be able to do some Christmas shopping while eating dinner.  Who could pass that up.  Better bring your $$$, you don't want someone to out bid you.  Come and join us, and bring the entire family!!
See  you Saturday!  Katrina

Thursday, October 25, 2012


:) Happy Thursday to you all!!! :)
This round hasn't been too bad. I started out with blood work on Monday. Which my WBC came back in the 5's, which was higher than what I started out as. So that's great news!!! I was able to receive treatment this week.  I am going 3 days of chemotherapy and on day 4 I go back in to get my Neulasta injection.  This injection helps keep my WBC levels up while the chemo is going through my body.  This helps keep my levels at healthy ranges and out of the danger zone, (so I don't have to wear a mask when I am out in public or avoid visitors). Today is officially the end of my second round of chemotherapy.  So today marks the official last day of treatment, FOR ROUND 2!!!
Whoot Whoot!!!  Since Chemo was pushed back a week due to my WBC levels, my actual graduation date for Chemo won't be until my Birthday, (January 17th) but what a great Birthday present to be done with treatment officially!! :)
I have been feeling a little nauseous all week.  My gag reflexes have been on high alert for the past few days. Which makes eating a chore to say the least. The best way I can explain it is I am STARVING, like ALL THE TIME...I am nauseous at the same time, since I am so nauseous, and with my gag reflexes working over time I don't want to eat and get sick.  It's a give or take situation. Ha ha ha sometimes I can eat like nobodies business and others I am choking it down. Which is frustrating!!!!! I am STARVING after all! ha ha
Radiation has been going well! It makes me very sleepy after treatment and I have been sleeping half the day.  Poor Mom, I am sure she is bored and heck.  One more reason I can't wait to finish treatment.  I am almost done with Radiation, 7 for days and I am done!!! Whoot Whoot!!!!! I can NOT wait to graduate and ring that dang bell.  Graduation day will be on November 5th about 8am. Ha ha I am not sending out graduation announcements or anything! Ha ha just know it's happening and I am pretty excited about it! I am one step closer to kicking Cancer's ass and being Cancer Free!!!! YAHOO!!! YAHOO!!!
Well that's all I have for now!! I hope this post finds you all healthy, happy and well. 
I love you,

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Chemotherapy and WBC...

Good Evening Everyone!! :)
I know someone of you see my facebook posting and some get text messages from Mom on my progress...So you all might be aware of what is going on with me this week, and some of you might not.  So I thought I would post what's going on this week with me so I make sure to keep everyone informed.
I went in Monday (10/15/12) for Chemotherapy and I had my blood work done and they told me, my WBC (White Blood Cell) count was too low. Which is what fights off infection.  Normal Counts are between 2.20-4.80...mine have been about 4.18 since chemo started, until Monday. It was 0.67 which is LOW.  This being said they told me I needed to be careful being around groups of people, I needed to wear a mask if I am around groups of people.  I made the decision to not have any visitors over until my WBC count was back up to normal.  They postponed the treatment for now until next Monday. 10/22/12) I had to get injections Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday this week, Labs drawn tomorrow (Friday) and if my labs are back up then I will be able to get chemo on Monday.
I saw my chemo doctor yesterday and I was told that not only will I need to be getting these injections at the end of each round of chemo, but they are also going to be reducing the dose of chemo.  I will explain it to you guys as it was explained to me.  Every person who receives chemo, their body will react to the chemo a different way.  Some bodies react really well to chemo and some react not at all to chemo.  My body just so happens to react VERY WELL to chemo, which is WHY, my counts dropped so low.  When you react to chemo like I did, your body is soaking up the chemo, which means my immune system takes a hit. By them reducing the chemo by 20%, this will hopefully help my body from my levels dropping so low.  IF they don't drop the chemo 20%, and they continue to keep treating me, my levels will eventually drop so low that I become in more danger than not.  Which can kill me.  So even thought they reduce the chemo by 20%, it will still be doing the same job its doing now.
I hope this means the side effects will be less? Who can pray and hope this is true! :)
I will for sure keep you all updated on the progress what what my levels come out as. They told me with the injections my numbers will be off the charts, and they have every reason to believe that my levels will be more than normal come Monday. :)
I love you all,

Monday, October 15, 2012


Good Morning, Good Afternoon, Good Evening and Good night!!! (I'm not sure what time of day your reading this post) haha

First off I want to Thank Each and Everyone who went to the 5K Fun Run this weekend.  It was a big success and It's most appreciated.  We raised almost $2000 dollars! Thank You, Thank You, THANK YOU!! We still have shirts left over, so if anyone is interested in buying them, they are going for $12 dollars.  Let me know if you want one.  They are the shirts from the Run, sizes are Med, LG, XL and ONE 2XL.
 As for treatment, I had Radiation and Chemotherapy today. Radiation has been going ok.  Last Friday (10/12/12) was a rough day.  I Went in for radiation, they couldn't get me set right on the table, so I ended up being there on the table for about 2 hours.  Like I have said before, this is the most uncomfortable position in THE WORLD!  By the time I left I was more than irriatated. I wasn't looking forward to going back this week, but today went wonderful! :) Thank you Lord!! As for Chemotherapy today I was suppose to start my second round, but I was unable to get treatment.  I have what they call Neutropenia.  What this is, is when your white cell count is too low, this being low causes some concern when it comes to infection or catching a cold.  Since my levels are low this means if I were to catch a cold I wouldn't be able to fight off an infection. Which is very dangerous.  So we will postpone my second round of treatment to next week.  I will get a injection in my arm today, tomorrow and Wednesday. The injectino is called Neupogen.  Neupogen helps my body raise the white cell counts to normal levels. I can't have treatment until my levels are back to normal. I will have blood work drawn on Friday to see where my levels are and if they are normal then treatment will start back again on Monday. 

Due to treatment, my hair has been falling out a lot! I mean a LOT.  I couldn't handle it any longer, I was picking hair off myselft, whatever I was sitting on, clothes, food EVERYTHING!! It was just becoming too much and driving me crazy.  So I had to just shave it off. I shaved it off last night.  It's a huge adjustment. My head has been so sore lately. Really sore lately.  It feels like I have had my hair in a pony tail for like 13 days and just took it out and it's just really sore.  It makes it hard to sleep at night cuz just rubbing my hair hurts. Once it all falls out it will be much better and not so sore. I think I can pull the bald look off a little bit. haha :) I still think my face looks fat! haha

Other than that all is well! :)

Thanks for reading and I will post again soon!


Wednesday, October 10, 2012


Hey all!  Today is the last day for early registration for the 5k Fun Run!  You can of course still participate in the's $20 today and $25 tomorrow and the day of the event!  Please please please help support a great cause!  We are sooo exicted for this event!  We have about 10 gifts to give away from generous businesses on the mountain!  Each PAID registration will be entered into each drawing for the gifts!  We have dinners, bowling, movies, massage...all kinds of goodies so you don't want to miss it!  We will have shirts for sale IF we have any left!  Look forward to seeing you all there!  Please email or call me if the link to the registration form HERE doesn't work for some reason and I get it to you.  We have goody...goodie (?) bags for each PAID you want to get registered! 
a HUGE thank you in advance!!!

Monday, October 8, 2012


WOW!!!  What an AMAZING turnout the Zumbathon had!  They raised over $600 and the owner, Chaz Hatch, of Hatch Toyota, matched the amount raised...bringing the total amount for Hope for Tanya to over $1200!!!!

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Chili's Give Back...update


Friday, October 5, 2012

Cupcakes & Crystals...A Jewelry Party!

Katie Lohman from Premier Designs, Katrina Johnson and Tyla Francis are hosting this fun day with the girls!  Of course if you aren't a girl you can still come...i'm sure your girlfriend, best friend, wife, significant other would appreciate some pretty jewelry too!  I am VERY excited for the party!  Let's make this the BEST show for Tanya so she gets not only the profits but gets spoiled with a lot of FREE jewelry.
I hope you can all make it!!!


Wednesday, October 3, 2012



Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Chili's Give Back = SUCCESS

Well...tonight was THE DAY!!  I think we did pretty well!  We had about 30 people at our "table" and the Manager was nice enough to ring up EVERY TABLE in the restaurant under "HOPE FOR TANYA"!!!  This was after Miss Brinley passed out the flyers to every table and explained what it was for!  Just love that little Peanut!  So, by Thursday night we should have the amount that we raised!! 

Thank you,


A HUGE thank you to Anton Sports in Tempe, Arizona who helped me create these shirts after a bazillion emails, changes and mock-ups!  You guys are awesome!  An even bigger thank you to Terri Wade and Becca Seeley who came up with the design!  WE LOVE IT!  Thank you to Mark Lashinski at Modern Industries who told my Husband, Dustin about a "side job" on some of their machines!  If it weren't for Mark & his hike to in the Grand Canyon we would have NEVER heard about you guys!  Thank you are all AMAZING!! they are!  Don't you just love????  I do! 

**shirts are only available (currently) if you register for the 5k Fun Run (or walk)!  IF we have any extra we will be selling them at the event...NEXT SATURDAY!!!**


Thank you,

Feeling Fab...

Hello!!! :) It's me again...
I wanted to give a little update on how things have been going. I know it's been while since I last blogged. Last week I was unable to get Radiation 3 of the 5 days.  Two days due to my intestines not lining up and the other due to the machine being down.  So I had a nice little weekend of just relaxing without treatment!! It sure was nice!!!!!! :) NO early morning appointments, no labs, no doing nothing but relaxing. Mom went with Ashley to the Mountain this past weekend so it was just Scott and I at home with the puppies. :) Bailey had her surgery on Friday so she was recovering with me all weekend.  :) We decided to have her fixed.  So we now have three sterile females in the house! ha ha I joke, but it's true. :)
I am finished with my first round of chemo, so I have two weeks free, with  just radiation.  It's been nice not having to run all over town. My second chemo round will start on Monday October 15th. My graduation day will be on January 9th just before my birthday! Depending on how I feel and how my doctor reacts when I say I'm having a BIG OL PARTY for my graduation/birthday!!! So get your party pants ready!!!
I am feeling great! I can't wait until my belly is fully healed from surgery and I am able to sleep on my belly, I miss that so much.  I am slowly getting there, I am actually able to lay half on my side and half of my belly.  It's not the same still ha ha.  I was taking a multi vitamin and it must have been too strong, It was exhausting me. I had no energy and I wanted to just sleep all day long.  Once I stopped taking it and changed it to just a normal multi vitamin I have so much more energy and I feel great! :) I am able to actually go all day without a nap! I have been loosing weight, I am down 8 pounds from the day I had surgery. I don't know really what's making me lose weight cuz I have a better appetite than Scott, and God knows that man LOVES his food! :) Just the other day we had finished eating, I polished off an entire FOOT LONG SUB from SUBWAY, and a couple hours later I look at him and say "I'm hungry"are you? His jaw drops and he says "No!!!! How can you be so hungry you had a FOOT LONG" ha ha It's great that I have such a large appetite! I guess Cancer patients don't usually have one, and that's why they lose weight.  I met with the dietitian today and she was impressed I was feeling so great! ha ha I guess Cancer patients don't usually feel great either! ha ha :) She said the reason I am probably so hungry is because my body is healing from surgery and all that healing uses so much energy so I burn a lot of calories. She wanted me to be on a high protein diet, which I knew already.  She gave me a list of foods that would help hit high marks! ha ha Overall I feel great! I hope and pray this feeling sticks with me all throughout treatment. I will for sure keep you all posted.

Please remember today is the Chili's give back day, so go have lunch, dinner, desert, HAPPY HOUR at Chili's and mention Hope for Tanya!!!  Keep in mind as well you can do this as a take out orders too!

We have a lot of fundraisers going on from Chili's Gives back to Coach Purse Raffles, so keep an eye on the blog for the latest and greatest fundraisers!!!

Much Love,


Monday, October 1, 2012

Chili's Give Back Night

TOMORROW IS Chili's Give Back Night for Miss Tanya! Thank you in advance for all your help!  Chili's will be donating 10% of all sales made on Tuesday, October 2nd ALL DAY
(at ALL East Valley & Payson locations),
if you bring in the below flyers (2nd one so you can cut and share) OR mention you are eating for "HOPE FOR TANYA"!  Print & post everywhere around us spread the word!


Thursday, September 27, 2012

Hope for Tanya 5k Fun Run

We have some hard working turkeys over here...and we are happy to get this fundraiser going!  Sooo exicted for this!  This event IS in Show Low, Arizona...for those in the Valley it's about a 3hr drive North.  It's nice a think about it...mill it over and hopefully you will want to take the pretty drive up and join us!  My family is your family...i'm sure we can find a place for many to stay! haha. 

We have some amazing sponsors that have made this fun run (yes, you can walk) possible!  Each paid participant will receive a goodie bag!  In this goodie bag you will receive a Shirt, Protein Bar, Banana & Water!  We will be selling shirts, if any are left and bracelets too!  We really really really hope you all can join us...hopefully Tanya can too...that's the plan anyhow!  We have many raffles too!  Each paid participant will be entered into each raffle and winners will be drawn after the event!

Click for Registration Form
Thank you,

Halloween Hike with CardioVascular Associates of Mesa, P.C.

When: Saturday, October 20, 2012 8:30 AM-9:30 AM (GMT-07:00) Arizona.
Where: San Tan Mountain
“Hope for Tanya” Hike/Walk – First 30 participants to receive a “Strength, Love, Courage” Bracelet

The Health & Wellness Committee of CVAM would like to get you moving! Let’s get fit together!

Saturday, October 20th  @ 8:30am – HIKE or WALK – San Tan Mountain –

"Hiking Appropriate" Halloween costumes encouraged, but not required!
Staff, family and friends welcome to attend!

San Tan Mountain: From the Phoenix area, take US-60 East to Ellsworth Road Exit. Go South on Ellsworth Road, which eventually turns in to the Hunt Highway going East.  Take the Hunt Highway, turning right onto Thompson Road.  From Thompson Road, turn left on Phillips Road and park in the designated parking area.  The turn-offs to Thompson Road and Phillips Road are both signed for the San Tan Mountain Regional Park.

We will meet in the parking lot at 8:30, stretch and start our hike at 8:45!

Please bring water, a hat and sunscreen!   


Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Round One

HELLO!!! :)
It's Tanya this time, writing to update everyone on how my progress is going.
I have Radiation for 28 business days, which will end on 10/31/12.  Radiation will be 28 minutes a day.  WELL today I went in for my 3rd treatment of radiation and with each treatment they do a CT Scan prior to actually starting radiation to make sure my intestines are all in the right spot and aren't in the treatment field.  To my surprise (and I never knew this before now) that your intestines move all over your abdomen all the time! Wow!! When I went in for my treatment my radiation team did 3 CT Scans, all in which didn't line up.  Dr. Zaky my Radiation Oncologist didn't feel comfortable radiating me since I wasn't lining up correctly. I was on the table for about an hour and let me just say IT''S GOT TO BE THE MOST UNCOMFORTABLE TABLE POSITION IN THE WORLD!!! They finally said "we have tormented you enough"ha ha I will still go back tomorrow at 730am for what will be my 3rd radiation treatment, since I don't have Chemotherapy tomorrow we will have more time to figure out what is going on and possibly get me lined up and treated. I am not sure what they will do, but Dr. Zaky will be speaking with a physicists and they will figure out what to do with me and these crazy intestines of mine! :) ha ha
So off to Chemo I go today...Yesterday wasn't a bad day, but I was nauseous all day, without much of an appetite.  I had one bite of a bagel that I am almost positive it took me about 30 minutes to chew it up and swallow the one bite! I gave up on the bagel at that point. ha ha I had about 5-10 crackers throughout the rest of the day and water. I am not sure if it was the radiation, all the vitamins or chemo or the combination of ALL OF IT...So today I tried a few things different.  I split all my medications up into three times of the day, so I am not taking so much at one time. Then I didn't have radiation today, and I had Chemo today, and when all is said and done I feel so much better!! Tomorrow will tell...
Chemo went great today, I was a little sleepy, so I slept the whole 2 hours! ha ha poor mom!!! :) I feel great today! I have an appetite again and I had a delicious lunch with mom today! :) I took a big bite of my sandwich and I was in heaven! I am praying and have high hopes that this is the worst I will feel throughout this whole process!!  Round ONE of Chemo is done! Yay!!! One step closer to recovery!!! :) They did tell me that Day One I will feel great and not think they did anything to me, it was my long 6 hour chemo day too...I did I felt great after day one.  Day Two and Three they said I will feel a little tired and run down, which yesterday I did, not so much today.  Then they said days four, five and six I will feel my worst.  So we will see what tomorrow brings. Day Seven and on I should feel better and better with each day that passes until my second day of my second round.  Hears to feeling great!!! :)
I think that's all for now.  SO Sorry it's been awhile since I have posted anything.  I am going to try and post at least one a week! :) SO keep an eye on the blog for updates!
For those of you that have ordered bracelets, I am sorry to say the Zebra ones came in and were nothing like the proof they sent for me to approve.  So we are sending them back and hopefully getting our money back.  We only have TEAL, which I promise you the Teal are still VERY CUTE!!! :) Please let me know if you want teal or your money back.  Also that being said if you ordered a bracelet and haven't paid, please send your money to 540 N. Nassau Mesa, AZ 85205.  Once I receive your money I will send the bracelet out.  I have just sent out the first batch of bracelets to those of you that have ordered and paid, so be expecting those in the next few days! :)
THANK YOU SO MUCH TO ALL THAT ARE SUPPORTING ME, I am so blessed to have each and everyone of you in my life!!! :) A special thanks to those who I have never met, but continue to support me.  This world continues to surprise me! The kindness of others is so overwhelming in such a positive way!
With all my love,

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Holiday Ham, Anyone? Perhaps a Weenie Roast?

The Bell & Caldwell families have gotten a donation from The Pork Shop in Queen Creek, Arizona for a 18-20lb, bone-in HAM! Anyone having guests over for the Thanksgiving holiday?  Don't want to get stuck with a canned ham like Mrs. Krank do ya? If not, well then you had better get to purchasing your tickets!  After this raffle I've heard there will be a beef package next! Raffle will commence on Sunday, October 13th and the winner will be notified by phone!

  The welder in the family has put his skills to work and made a Fire Ring!  Who doesn't like sitting around the fire, hanging out with friends chit chatting...perhaps roasting marshmallows or hot dogs?  Weenie roast anyone? haha.  This raffle is going until November 1, 2012.

If interested in either raffle, please contact:
Malisa Caldwell @ 480.206.5457 or Cathi Bell @ 480.510.7135!

Thank you,

Friday, September 14, 2012

Donation Account...Up & Running

Well...after a week of trying to figure out banking issues...the account has been set up! We've had a tremendous amount of people wishing to donate directly!  We will get a donation button on here soon! 
Our family is truly grateful for all of your love and support in more ways than one! 
 Thank you for everything!


They may ask what state it was opened in...answer is Arizona.

Again, thank you all!  :)


All In A Days Work....

So today was a VERY busy day!! We accomplished A LOT too!! (OH it's Tanya by the way) haha 
We started out by stopping off at Fry's Pharmacy to get MANY scripts filled. Went on to find a attorney so we might be able to set up a bank account. Since this has been the hardest thing we have come across since I was diagnosed! Wells Fargo FINALLY came through!! Donations can be made at ANY Wells Fargo Bank in the name of "HOPE FOR TANYA JOHNSON". Please still send your raffle money and any bracelet payments to my home address: 540 N Nassau Mesa, AZ 85205. This way we can keep track of who paid and who still owes!! I want to say THANK YOU to each of you who have bought a bracelet or a raffle ticket! A special thanks to all of you who have helped in one way or another to set up a fundraiser. I can't tell you how much it means to me you all supporting me as much as you have.
We went in today to see my Radiation Oncologist Dr. Sandra Zaky. She is a super nice and very funny lady. I had called Dr. Borst on my way to her office to get the results from my PET Scan I had yesterday. She told me my results of the scan were CLEAR!!! She didn't see any cancer on my scans at all, in fact it was all very NORMAL. Which is AWESOME NEWS!!! I couldn't be happier to hear this. Now I'm sure you all are asking then WHY am I still doing treatment?? My Cancer is a Stage 3, and with my TYPE of Cancer it's very aggressive. A PET Scan can ONLY detect cancer cells if they are a cm or bigger. That being said YES my scan was clear, but that doesn't show us if there are any cancer cells SMALLER than cm. So I do treatment to ensure my scans stay clear. The Radiation is done in the pelvic area only. There are side effects to radiation, but short term side effects are the same as chemo. Nausea, vomiting and being tired. She said I will not even know I'm being radiated. It's like getting a X-ray. It will take about 28 minutes from the time I check in until I leave. The radiation will be 28 business days, 5 days a week. I will start chemo and radiation on Monday September 24th. I will go to Dr. Zaky's office first for radiation and then Dr. Borst's office for chemo.

I'm ready to start this chapter in my life. I am very positive things will come out just fine and all is going to be just fine! We have many new and exciting fundraisers coming up, so please keep an eye on the blog and we will keep you posted on all the fun exciting things to come. 

I love you guys and thak you for supporting me! :) 


Thursday, September 13, 2012

Make A Difference

Let's make a you know anyone who cleans their house (haha)?  Wears make-up?  Eats on a daily basis? Or perhaps looking for vitamins, supplements, toilet paper, toothpaste, etc?  Or maybe even looking for gift ideas for the holiday season?  What better way to do this that from the comfort of your own home, shipped to your door while helping a great cause!

Pat Frantz and family, owner and operator of Frantz Enterprises is giving back to his neice now through the holiday season! 
online at click "shop our store"
All Amway products and partnering stores such as Dick's Sporting Goods, PacSun and Barnes&Noble...just to name a few are available!

Frantz Enterprises will give every penny of profit from all sales to support Tanya's fight.

Thank you,

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

D-Backs vs. Cubs....RAFFLE


ASHLEY BROWN 480.223.2263
KATRINA JOHNSON 602.513.2161
VICKIE JOHNSON 928.242.9538

It's The Sisters' Turn...

HOLY COW….what AWESOME people my sister has in her life, to help her kick cancer in the patootie!!  I’m clearly writing on behalf of Miss Tanya, Tata, Tati, Tat, TRizzle, T, Tan, Brat, Sis, Baby…whatever names you all have for her!  Anyhow…just wanted to give a little update!  With the recent “public” knowledge of Tanya’s battle it’s been nothing but full email boxes, texts out the wazoo, phone calls, prayers, Facebook posts…you name it…it’s happened.  So with that said Tanya is obviously very grateful but is TRYING to keep up with EVERYTHING.  She simply cannot, so we’ve stepped in…the sisters are taking over!  Tanya will be around to post of course and text, etc. but we’ve suggested she delete her Facebook app and access it on her laptop so it’s not notification after notification coming through on her phone.  If you know her at all, you know that she would be up until all hours of the night trying to respond to everyone. 
Little Missy needs her rest so she can heal from her extensive surgery.  She’s already trying to lift more than a jug of milk…I caught her just  yesterday trying to drag Ella, haha…since she couldn’t pick her up she thought dragging her like Breckin does would work! Haha.  I put the kibosh to that real quick, but it was funny! 
Tanya is at Banner Desert Medical Center as we speak sitting and waiting to get her Mediport placed!  A Mediport (aka Port) is an internally installed needle accessed device that is typically used for patients that need long term IV access; in this instance, chemotherapy.  It is surgically placed, usually by creating a false pocket somewhere in the upper chest wall.  An internal tube is then attached to a nipple on the device, with the other end of the tube then sewn into a nearby large vein (usually one of the subclavians). So now that you have a lesson on the Port…haha.  It’s an outpatient procedure, so she will return home this afternoon…surgery is at 130pm. 
Tomorrow Tata (we will call her Tata from now on) will have the PET Scan done.  What is a PET Scan? What will it show?  

A PET Scan uses radiation, or nuclear medicine imaging, to produce a 3-dimensional, color images of the functional processes within the body.  The machine detects pairs of gamma rays which are emitted indirectly by a tracer which is placed in the body on a biological active molecule.  The images are reconstructed by computer analysis.  Moder machines often use a CT X-Ray scan which is performed on the patient at the same time in the same machine.  PET Scans are used to diagnose a heath condition, as well as for finding out how an existing condition is developing.  PET Scans can show up a cancer, reveal the stage of the cancer, show whether the cancer has spread and help doctors decide on the most appropriate cancer treatment.  PET Scans are often used to see how effective an ongoing treatment is, in Tata's case...a baseline since she hasn't started treatment yet.  So that's the lesson on PET Scans...quiz anyone? Haha.   

Anyhow…there are MOUNDS & MOUNDS of fundraisers starting!  We have a Run/Walk in the works, Scentsy (see below post), Zumbathon, Navajo Taco Dinner, T-Shirts, Community Yard Sale, Jewelry  parties, Pennies from Heaven, and most recently a Chili’s Bar & Grill Give-Back Night!  That’s just SOME!!!  It’s overwhelming the amount of people out there willing to help in any way they can.  Fundraisers will be posted on this blog as they come in!  We also have the bracelets of course… any orders can be made by contacting myself (Ashley Brown) at 480.223.2263, Katrina Johnson  at 602.513.2161 or Mom- Vickie Johnson at 928.242.9538 and we can get those ordered.  I have an app on my phone for my photography business that allows me to accept credit/debit cards with a small 2.75% fee (per swipe) if you would like to purchase them this way.  A receipt via email or text is sent automatically to you after the transaction is made (within moments)…so that’s an option if you don’t want to mail!
I’m soooo very blessed to be the sister of such a strong-willed, stubborn woman who WILL beat this beast!  I’m grateful for the strong positive attitude she has…since I’ve been blubbering every chance I get (she doesn’t know that…oh crap…now she does!)  My deepest appreciation for each and every one of you for all you have done for my baby sis...keep it up! 
Since we ALL, yes…just admit it , LOVE Pinterest…I thought I would share…
 Pinned Image
With Love,
The Sisters' (Ashley today) 

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Overwhelmed... the amazing kindness of others! 

Today has been an overwhelming day for all i'm sure...from friends finding out about my battle to fundraisers being set up in minutes!  I'm so thankful for everyone who's helped by buying a bracelet, heading up fundraisers, helping those with fundraisers, prayers and most importantly supporting me with my journey! 

There are so many fundraisers in the works as we speak that I can't even tell you all of them...but once flyers come in i'll post!  I appreciate all of you.

Many have been asking "How can I donate directly?" We are in the process of getting a bank account set up for donations & proceeds from fundraisers.  We've run into some minor hickups, so as soon as we have those worked out i'll post the information.

As of right NOW we have sold 220 bracelets!  THIS IS OUTSTANDING!!!  We do still have plenty available so please let me know if you want to order.

Pinned Image

*Strength*Love*Courage* Bracelets For Sale

We have bracelets!!!!  My wonderful Mom & Grandmother ordered 500 bracelets!  We have 250 of these Zebra & Teal print available and 250 solid Teal.  Zebra print stands for the type of Small Cell Carcinoma, which is Neuroendocrine and Teal stands for the location of the cancer...which is Cervical.  Aren't they pretty?  If you would like to purchase one they are $5 and all proceeds go to help my journey! 

 I appreciate your support. Please let me know if you are interested.

Hope for Tanya...A Fundraiser

Thank you, Erin for ALL your help and support!!!

Monday, September 10, 2012

**10 Days Post Op**

Hello Family and Friends :)

Today marks 10 days post op!! I am healing and getting around pretty good.  Slower some days, but for the most part I am getting around rather well. My belly is still very swollen, but that is sure to go down in a few more weeks once I have healed inside and out. After surgery was done they put on Steri-strips that were rather long, about 3-4 inches.  I went into Dr. Borst's office today for my post op appointment.  My incision was checked and they said it looked great! I was healing very well and fast. The Steri-strips were removed.  I am THE MOST TICKLISH person in the WHOLE WORD, so I was laughing and squirming all over the table each time she removed the strip! Haha she put more steri-strips back on which are a lot smaller about 2 inches in length.  Those will eventually fall off on their own.  I can't wait until I am able to sleep on my stomach.  I miss that the most! :)

I was scheduled today with a PA in Dr. Borst's office by accident.  When I saw him in the hospital he wanted me to follow up with him today.  My appointment was at 1030am today and when the PA came in and not Dr. Borst, I of course questioned it.  We had a lot of questions, some in which the PA couldn't answer.  She went and got Dr. Borst.  We met in his office and got all of our questions answered. He is such a great doctor.  He said today "I am going to scream out loud when you are in remission" haha and said "I can't think of any better thing I should be doing other than getting up in the morning and coming into my office to help my patients beat this" I am truly blessed to have been referred to the best of the best!

My appointment today was to talk about Chemotherapy and Radiation.  As my Pathology came back on my lymph nodes and my ligament's.  The Ligament's were clear. As for the lymph nodes he took 14 of my lymph nodes in my pelvic region.  Of those 14, 3 were positive for Cancer.  2 on the right and 1 on the left.  This is the best news.  It's better it was 3 of 14 and not 14 of 14.  He took my para aorta node on the left and right, in which both of those were negative.  This is also the best news.  He has every reason to believe the cancer is contained in my pelvic area.  Since my para aorta nodes were all negative, this means the cancer was caught early enough, it hasn't spread to the rest of my body.  Since the cancer was in 3 of my lymph nodes this now means my cancer is Stage 3.  Now becomes all the tough questions.  Chemo and Radiation will start ASAP, which will be next week some time.  I have a Chemo Teaching appointment tomorrow at 930am.  This will answer anymore questions I have about Chemo and will tell me when, and how often I will have Chemo, also how long each treatment will last.  I do know Chemo will be done 3 days in a row, then off for 2 weeks, on 3 days and off 2 weeks.  I don't know how long each treatment will last.  I will also have an appointment on Friday at 330pm with a Radiation doctor.  I do know Radiation will be 6 weeks long, and will be 30 minutes each treatment, and I will have to do that 5 days a week.  In the mean time, I will have a PET Scan, and a port placed.  The PET Scan will tell us where the Cancer is at in my body.  As far as we know it's contained in the pelvic area.  The Port is so they won't have to stick me each time I go in for Chemo.  That will stay in as long as I need treatment. And will be placed in my chest at the same hospital I had Surgery...Banner Good Samaritan.  All my treatment will be done at Dr. Borst's office, both Chemo and Radiation.  He told me I will be off work for 3 months on top of the 6 weeks I am off now.  I have applied for Disability and FMLA, so I hope I will have a Job when all this is said and done.  :) There is an old wives tail that Cancer feeds off oxygen.  This IS an old wives tail and IS NOT TRUE.  Cancer will not spread due to me being opened up for surgery.  After Chemo and Radiation is done, and I am in remission, there is a 50% chance of recurrences.  With Cancer if it does come back it comes back worse than it started.  We will just face that if the time comes.  He said I am OK to start my B12 injections again, I am about 3 weeks past due on these.  I will also need to get a multi-vitamin with Iron.  My Prognosis is about 50%.  Which means I have a 50% chance of survival.  My chances are higher than someone older than me.  I am over all healthy and relatively young, my body heals quicker.  We have heard from a lot of Cancer patients that the best thing to do is protein shakes before and after treatment.  Uncle Pat is putting together a care package for me! :) This will inculde protein powder, vitamins and and biosalts.  All these things will help to keep me as healthy as possible while going through treatment.

Since I am doing Chemo and Radiation there is a chance I will lose my hair.  I have made the decision that I will NOT get a wig, I will NOT cover up my bald head.  I will NOT give Cancer the satisfaction of making me feel ashamed of myself for having this disease. I will beat this disease and it will not get me down.  Everyone keeps asking me "how are you?  Or How are you feeling" to that I must answer, I feel great! I am alive and I am happy.  I have the best support system a girl could ask for!!  I can't even begin to tell each and every one of you how much I appreciate you and thank you for all the love and support you all have shown me! I can't thank you enough.

I love you with all my heart,

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Day 3...

Hello All,
I am finally feeling more up to my usual self so I thought now was as good time to type up a quick email and send it out to everyone! First off I wanted to say thank you to EVERYONE that is supporting me.  Thank you for all the prayers, and positive thoughts.  Thank you for all the BEAUTIFUL flowers, teddy bears, balloons, card, magazines, books, clear liquids (haha), crossword puzzles, lotion...if I have missed anything thank you for all that too! :)
So its my third day in the hospital, let's just say I am VERY eger to get home! One of my first questions just waking up from recovery was "can I go home now?" haha I have AMAZING nursing staff, I know it just a "job" but it's one they all do so well.  A special thanks to Maria my RN I had today for the last 12 hours, she wasn't scheduled to be in today, but since they called her and were short staffed she came in.  She usually works the Neuro floor, but wasn't needed on my floor today.  She is bright eyed, and positive! She makes me laugh and always has something funny to say.  She is just someone special that was sent to brighten my day today.  So Thank you Maria for being a great nurse. Surgery was a success, they got the whole tumor that was in my cervix.  I haven't seen my doctor since before I went in to surgery, but the information I am sharing is what was given to my family members after I was out of surgery and into recovery.  As far as Dr. Borst could see with his eye, he got all the cancer from my cervix.  It was about 2 1/2cm.  Which is very large.  They sent it off to pathology and it came back as neruoendocrine carcinoma.  Which is what we were praying against. Dr. Borst did say I will need Chemotherapy for sure, but will give me about 3 weeks to recover before starting it.  He sent the lymph nodes and ligements off for more pathology and will have the results on that back in about 5 days which I hope will be Tuesday or Wednesday.  That will then tell me if the cancer was contained int he cervix or if it has spread throught my body.  Either way Chemotherapy will be done, but this will determine if Radation will be needed as well.
I have been feeling great yesterday and today.  I have been up walking around, doing laps after laps around the nursing station.  I got to shower today and mom even braided my hair.  I can't remember the last time she has done that.  It feels good being off my neck.  The shower felt fantastic. I know all my visitors were gagging on my stinch! haha But thank you for toughing it out! I smell better today! :) I have a catheter in and I am eger to get that out as well.  Dr. Janasck who is covering for Dr. Borst said he has hopes I will get that out Tuesday and will be discharged on Tuesday! Oh I can't wait for Tuesday! :) I have felt great today, I haven't had any pain medicine at all today.  I had a bout with gas pains today, as I am not allowed solid foods until I am able to pass gas.  I was given instructions to get up and walk, walking helped but was still unable to pass anything.  I was joking with Maria today when I told her she would know when I did, as all my visitors would be running out of the room gasping for fresh air! haha I finall was able to and my diet has been moved up to solids.  I had applesauce for dinner! :) My chicken noodle soup is on it's way. Maria told me I could take a wheelchair downstairs to get ouf and not be so bored, so mom is staying with me tonight, to give Scott a little break and he has to work tomorrow. So we are going to take the wheelchair for a spin and get mom some dinner! :) Over all today as been a great day! I just wanted to keep you all in the loop!
I will send out more communications when I know what the next steps will be! :) Sorry this email didn't come with more news! But...I am feeling great so that the best news we can hope for right now! :)
I love you all, and again thank you so much for supporting me!