Wednesday, July 10, 2013


So I finally found some time to update.  :)
Where to begin...
I recently had yet another hospital stay. I went into the ER a few weeks back due to a fever and rapid heart rate. I had been experiencing some unexplainable chest pain.  I went in on a Friday and they assured me I was fine, and sent me home.  Saturday came around and I was back at the ER. Same symptoms this time with a fever.
After doing more tests and talking it over with my Oncologist they decided to admit me.
Oh great here we go again another hospital stay.  I can't tell you how much I dislike the
I was at Gateway for 4-5 days.  They put me on antibiotics to treat me for the possible infection I might of had.  I was still experiencing chest pains.  They had me hooked up to ever possible machine they could think of.  After a few days into my stay they were getting ready to discharge me! YAY!!
When I got sick.  I was laying in bed and Grammy was there, I looked all around for a bed pan and couldn't find one...
I paged the nurse, she didn't come it seemed like a long time, when finally I asked Grammy to get the nurse, I was going to be sick.  About the time they got me a bed pan, was about the time I got sick!
To my surprise this is what came up...
I looked up and said to the nurse "what is this?" When she and the CNA took a look and said "um...."
The nurse paged for a GI consult to come in ASAP.  A few short minutes later mom came in and was grossed out with the rest of us! Ha ha the GI physician came in and said she didn't know what it was, she hadn't seen anything like that before, but it appeared to be the "lining of something" is what she told me she thought it was.  GREAT!
So much for being discharged.  I was kept in a few more days.  To which they would run even more tests on me.  I had a swallow study done.  They found that food, pills etc. get stuck for about 10 seconds or longer in my throat before it's pushed down.  I am to watch what I eat and drink lots of fluid when I do eat.  They did an EGD as well and it only showed that my stomach was inflamed.  I was put on some antibiotics to help with the throat and stomach.  They decided this was the reason for throwing up that weird lining. 
I was finally discharged! I went home and went straight to bed.  Slept for a good 4 hours or so.
Over the next few days I got better and better...I had Chemo on the 28th, it was a Friday. 
I felt like junk, and I am just now starting to feel more like normal. 
Chemo this time around has kicked my ass.  The last time I did chemo I was nauseous, and felt crappy for a few days and then was normal for 2 weeks.  Not so lucky this time around. I feel OK the day after chemo, then it all sets in and I feel crappy, it makes me feel very run down and tired, weak.  My gag reflexes are heightened, so I gag over just about anything...which then makes me vomit.  I will be feeling great, then all of a sudden I am in the bathroom with my face in the toilet.  It just hits me all of a sudden.  It's weird and it sucks.
We left for Show Low on Wednesday July 3rd, for the Holiday weekend...I have to say I have enjoyed this trip so much.  Ashley and I weren't ready to head home when Sunday rolled around.  So we decided to stay longer.
We are still here! We are planning on being here all week.  Its beautiful up here, and the rain storms everyday are making it that much harder to leave. 
I think I just might become a snowbird! :)  You think I can get Scott to go for it?  I will stay on the mountain for the summer and phoenix for winter!
I can't tell you how much I have enjoyed being around all my family this past few weeks.  I just may never leave! :) I think they will all be OK with that! Ha ha
So for now, I am just enjoying this weather, loving the family time and just relaxing. 
I have some decisions to make regarding a clinical trail in Ohio.  I will have to be off chemo for at least 28 days before being excepted into the trial.  I would then fly to Ohio and spend a month there.  I just have to make some decisions as to if I am going or not.  I got some information on the trial from the physician running the trial, that makes me double guess on going.  I will keep you all posted if I go or not.  I will have a CT Scan here in the next few weeks to see if the chemo is working or not.  Please say your prayers it is! :)
I love you,

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  1. I love you, Tata!! Please keep us posted!
    I'm always thinking of you!!