Tuesday, December 18, 2012

and the RESULTS...ARE IN...

My results are in and YAY!!
I am very happy to report that my levels are up!! I can't tell you how excited I am.
I had blood work drawn on Monday and I waited the 10 minutes for the results.  Andrea the RN tells me "your labs are up, but I need to run them past Michele" (she is Dr. Borst's PA) I am freaking out thinking they are still low and I am going to have to start the other chemo drug.
She returns and says "your good to go, your WBC is great, but your platelets are low. We like them at 100 or higher, and they are at 85, so just don't go running around your house with a knife and you should be good" ha ha
Such a joker that one!!
I am still waiting to see if I will need to do the other Chemo Drug, if my labs are up next week, we probably won't have to do it! YAY!!
I am just so excited!! No more house arrest for this girl! YAHOO!!!
Later in the day yesterday I got a call from Michele, (Dr. Borst's PA) with my results for the biopsy they did last Tuesday. She says "Great news, the pathology on the tissue sample we took came back and we have nothing to worry about. The tissue was just inflamed and due to the radiation, that explains the discoloration so your all good! Merry Christmas"
This and my labs just made it a fantastic day!! I can go up North and just relax and enjoy the family, winter weather and Christmas!
I have so much to be thankful for!
Thank you everyone for all the prayers, they are greatly appreciated, keep them coming he hears us!

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