Sunday, June 2, 2013


The hits keep right after the next.
I had a nice weekend planned for Scott for his birthday. His birthday is on Tuesday, but I wanted to do something special for him.   Ashley has a Hilton hook up and got us a room at the Hilton Tapiao Cliffs Resort.  I told him we were going on a Stay-cation and we weren't to talk about cancer the whole would be cancer free.  Let's face it, we both REALLY needed it.
Friday morning I woke up about 4am, with right kidney pain.
It went away about 1pm and I went on with my big deal. 
I was thinking I just hadn't drank enough water. We checked into the hotel about 9pm Friday night and just really enjoyed each other. We had dinner AND dessert (deep dish apple pie) DELICIOUS!!!
Scott is wonderful.  I really got lucky the night I met him. 
So I had called family and friends and told them we had a cabana rented from 10am-6pm Saturday and to come hang out and enjoy the resort with us.  It couldn't have worked out better!
We got to the pool and mostly everyone was there already. When we checked in the guy said "it looks like someone already checked in for your cabana already" I quickly walked off...Scott being Scott says to me "what someone is in our cabana, did you pay for it?" I said I did and that we needed to find out who was in our cabana.  Prior to this he mentioned calling Ashley and having her bring the kids to the hotel to hang out, I made up some lie about Ashley being at Jesse and Amanda's pool hanging with them all day.  He seemed a little bummed.  So you can imagine his surprise when we walked up to the cabana and ASHLEY, BRECKIN, ELLA, KATRINA, BRINLEY, BANNON, AND TAMMY were all waiting for us! :) He said "Oh they all came?" ha ha I said more are on the way too! He was even more surprised! It couldn't have worked out better!
When I woke Saturday it was about 4am and I was having the same right side kidney pain...this time much worse than the day prior.  I got up and drank a bunch of water and tried to "sleep it off"
I took a hot bath and was just going to TUFF it out.  I was not going to let this stop me from enjoying the day or the weekend.
We played all day in the sun and I stayed as hydrated as possible.  Drinking LOTS of water. With the tumors in my pelvis I have some bleeding. Since the tumors take up 1/3 of my vagina I am also not able to use tampons, so it makes enjoying the pool a little difficult.  Just ONE more thing cancer has taken from me.  The ability to GET IN THE WATER! Which sucks so bad, I LOVE the pool for one and two it's freaking 108 degrees outside, who doesn't want to be in the pool???
Well it was about 3pm and I had about all I could handle.  I told Scott I just needed to get back to the room and lay down.  He was insisting I go to the ER
You all know me, I didn't want to go.  Why would I, when every time I have gone to the ER it ends in at least a weeks stay.  I HATE THE ER!
I took a hot bath, it seemed to help before.  An hour later I was getting out of the tub and packing my things.  We decided I needed the ER after all. 
I kept thinking "the right adrenal has a tumor on it" which is the side am having all the pain.
After getting checked in, they checked urine, blood and did a CT Scan. 
The urine was clear.  The blood was normal, however my platelets were 118, they were 150 on Thursday. So they went down. As for the CT Scan, it showed my ureters were being compressed by the tumors in my pelvis.  The ureters are the little tubes that carry your urine from your kidneys to bladder, then the bladder releases it.  Since mine are being compressed I am not able to empty my bladder all the way, which means the urine is being backed up from my bladder to my kidneys. Which is why I am having a lot of pelvic pain. 
ALSO...the CT showed fluid in my right kidney.  Which confirms the blockage in my ureters.
which is the source of the pain in my lower back.
So the ER physician called my gyn/onc. His PA Katie came in to see me.  This is after they decided to admit me...see I told you, every ER visit turns into me being admitted.
They finally get me into a room, and all hooked up to the machines, ran over my history when Katie came in to see me. At this point it's about 11:30pm I have already been given morphine and toradol for the pain and I am exhausted.  NOT the right time to have a serious conversation.  You know how hard it is to focus or keep your eyes OPEN?!?! 
Scott is there so he of course has like 1000 questions.  I love this guy, but 11:30pm after a morphine cocktail not in the mood for 1000 questions game.
Katie tells me the reason they wanted to admit me was so that I could have a procedure done Sunday.  (today) This procedure is called Nephrostomy Tube Placement.  What this procedure is, they place little drain tubes from your kidneys that come out your back and drain into a bag.  These can be temporary and can be removed after the tumors have shrank, and the ureters are working like they should.  HOWEVER, who wants this?  Not me.  I think having this procedure done would greatly decrease my quality of life.  Not that I go out a lot, but who wants to carry a pee bag with them to dinner?
They couldn't get the procedure scheduled (thank goodness) since the IR doc was booked.  So instead they released me and sent me home with pain medication.  I will follow up with my gyn/onc at 8am on Monday and I hope he has a better plan than Neph tube placement. Scott and I are in agreement that there has to be something else they can do. 
However, if my kidney function is compromised I can't get chemo or radiation to shrink the tumors to relieve the ureters.  So we will see what Dr. Schulmbrecht has to say tomorrow. If something isn't done, the blockage can damage my kidney. 
Like I need that on top of everything else.
So for now it's pain meds, and water!

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