Thursday, January 17, 2013

It's my Birthday...I'll transfuse if I want to...

Today is birthday! :) I am 28 years old today.
I have been through a lot in my 27th year. Today marks another year of life, another of fighting and most important I made it to 28! :) I never had any doubts I would.
I know Ashley has been keep you all informed on what has been going on with me. I thank her very much for being on her toes! :) She really should be been in PR! ha ha
So let me update you on what's been going on the last few days...
I was transferred from Banner Gateway Medical Center to Banner Good Samaritan Medical Center on the request of wonderful Dr. Borst.  He said it was in my best interest I be transferred since all of my care since I have been diagnosed was done at Good Sam, beside he sees patients at Good Sam so he would be able to follow my care. I arrived at Good Sam on Tuesday about 1230pm.  They hadn't had any orders put in for me yet, so I was taken to my room and was able to just relax and take a nap.  I took a nap for a couple of hours which was much needed as Gateway doesn't believe in letting you sleep!
We originally were told we would be able to drain the abscess that has been causing such a fuss. Well after getting to Good Sam and the IR (International Radiologist) doc looked at my CT Scan from Monday he decided it wasn't a good idea to go forward with the drain. It was too big of a risk.  The abscess are too deep into my abdomen to be able to drain it properly.  They could puncture my bowel or my bladder and I would be in a whole new class of infection and problems. 
So we are back to square one. We waited around all day yesterday waiting for Dr. Bhoola to come in and see me. I finally asked my nurse if and when he would be back. She said not until he did is rounds the following morning...GREAT, so NOW I have to wait 24 more hours to get answers. Well about 3 minutes later she pokes her head back in and says that Dr. Borst is here and will be in to see me shortly.  We were told that he was not at Good Sam this week and we would be seeing his partner Dr. Bhoola.  Well I guess he stopped in anyways. He is a wonderful doctor. I can't say that enough. He confirmed that the fluid pockets (he is not calling them an abscess, as he isn't sure it is an infection) are too deep into my abdomen and can't be drained.  Said they are about the size of a ping pong ball but not as big as a golf ball.  He believes these fluid pockets can be treated with IV antibiotics (like I have been on for several days now).  He wanted to keep me inpatient for a few more days since I am still spiking a fever at least once a day. I hope to be home Friday or Saturday at the latest. 
When I am released I will be set up with a Home Health Nurse that will come to my home and administer the IV antibiotics.  The ID (Infectious Disease) doctor wants me to get a dose once a day for 7 days.  She would like for me to complete the entire dose before having chemo, and then have a CT Scan done after antibiotics are done to make sure everything is healed up nicely, before moving on to chemo.  However Dr. Borst says it is very important I keep on my chemo schedule as planned and not postpone chemo is necessary.  There is a possibility that chemo can and will get pushed back a few days.  They want to make sure I am healthy enough to handle the chemo.  Dr. Borst would like me to be fever free for at least 48 hours before they will do chemo.  He is saying there is a chance (with no fever of course) at I am able to do chemo and the IV antibiotic at the same time so I don't have to push back chemo at all.  That was that latest word as of last night about 430pm. 
I was very tired and worn out mostly all day yesterday, I was having a lot of pain in my lower back (kidney) area, my bum and bladder.  So I was on pain killers off and on all day.  I finally felt like getting up about 1015pm last night and took a little half bath half shower.  As soon as I got out of the shower I felt 100 times better.  My body wasn't sore anymore and I was clean! ha ha I went all night without pain killers.  I spiked a fever late last night and broke it later last night.  I woke about 6am needing pain killers.  I was dreaming of a poisonous lizard that bit me in the calf, when I came to and saw Dr. Bhoola and his crew in my room! ha ha I hope I wasn't talking in my sleep!! :) He said we were going to change from Tylenol to Motrin to see if that will kick my fever I seem to spike once a night.  I will be put on Lovenox injections nightly for the remainder of my stay.  These help to keep blood clots from forming.  Thirdly my labs looked great this morning, other than my hemoglobin was on the low side showing I was anemic.  He wanted to set me up for a blood transfusion.  Two units of blood, and transfuse over 6 hours.  Each unit will take about 2 hours.  They will be doing the transfusion in my room. The reason for transfusion is that my levels will need to be up and as high up as they can for this last round.  Especially if we will be doing IV antibiotics with chemo. So I know when you hear transfusion one tends to freak out. My platelets were great 95! Up from 29 on Sunday!!! That's awesome! :) So we are just getting the blood to cover our bases for chemo on Monday.  We just started the transfusion and all seems to be going well! :) We will be done in about 4 hours! :)
Thanks for Reading and Supporting!

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