Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Postponed yet again...

Hello one and all.
I was scheduled for my last round of chemotherapy on Monday 01.21.13.  After being in the hospital for a week my Infectious Disease doctor requested I push back chemo from Monday 01.21.13 to  Wednesday 01.23.13.  Which I did.  Once I arrived to chemo on Wednesday 01.23.13, they drew blood work and my levels were too low and they wanted me to push it back yet again to the following Monday 01.28.13.  When I arrived to the Oncology office on Monday 01.28.13 they drew labs once more and my labs were still too low. 
Questions start to arise, why are my labs so low for so long? What do we do if they continue to be low?  What is our next course of action?  Well I have an appointment with Dr. Gadichi tomorrow at 11:15am.  I am still on the IV antibiotics she put me on when I was in the hospital.  I will continue to be on these until she says further. I hope we will know more once I see her tomorrow.  I will have more labs drawn on Friday 02.01.13 at Dr. Borst's office.  This will give us some sort of idea if my labs are going up or going down.  I have an appointment with Dr. Borst on Tuesday February 5th.  The appointment time with him is 9:00am.  I am currently scheduled for Chemo at 11:15am this same day.  That being said, I will meet with Dr. Borst on Tuesday, he will do a physical.  He wants to check the spot he did the biopsy on a few weeks ago.  Just due to the fact that I was inpatient for fluid pockets in the pelvis he just wants to do a recheck.  At this appointment he will also talk to me about my labs, and where we go from here.  That means he could decide to stop at 5 rounds.  If he does I just pray those 5 rounds have and will be enough to kill this monster.  He could decide to postpone treatment until my levels are up (no matter how long that is) and add addition rounds of either the same drug or another drug.  He does want additional imaging, I already have orders for another CT Scan of my abdomen and pelvis, but he wants to wait until the IV antibiotics are completely done before the CT scan is done.  By the time I see Dr. Borst on Tuesday, I will have already seen Dr. Gadichi and have answers from her.  Then Tuesday Dr. Borst will put all her answers together with my labs and give me a game plan going forward. 
I will keep you all posted as to what Dr. Borst says. 
Thank you for all the support and love! :)

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