Friday, September 14, 2012

All In A Days Work....

So today was a VERY busy day!! We accomplished A LOT too!! (OH it's Tanya by the way) haha 
We started out by stopping off at Fry's Pharmacy to get MANY scripts filled. Went on to find a attorney so we might be able to set up a bank account. Since this has been the hardest thing we have come across since I was diagnosed! Wells Fargo FINALLY came through!! Donations can be made at ANY Wells Fargo Bank in the name of "HOPE FOR TANYA JOHNSON". Please still send your raffle money and any bracelet payments to my home address: 540 N Nassau Mesa, AZ 85205. This way we can keep track of who paid and who still owes!! I want to say THANK YOU to each of you who have bought a bracelet or a raffle ticket! A special thanks to all of you who have helped in one way or another to set up a fundraiser. I can't tell you how much it means to me you all supporting me as much as you have.
We went in today to see my Radiation Oncologist Dr. Sandra Zaky. She is a super nice and very funny lady. I had called Dr. Borst on my way to her office to get the results from my PET Scan I had yesterday. She told me my results of the scan were CLEAR!!! She didn't see any cancer on my scans at all, in fact it was all very NORMAL. Which is AWESOME NEWS!!! I couldn't be happier to hear this. Now I'm sure you all are asking then WHY am I still doing treatment?? My Cancer is a Stage 3, and with my TYPE of Cancer it's very aggressive. A PET Scan can ONLY detect cancer cells if they are a cm or bigger. That being said YES my scan was clear, but that doesn't show us if there are any cancer cells SMALLER than cm. So I do treatment to ensure my scans stay clear. The Radiation is done in the pelvic area only. There are side effects to radiation, but short term side effects are the same as chemo. Nausea, vomiting and being tired. She said I will not even know I'm being radiated. It's like getting a X-ray. It will take about 28 minutes from the time I check in until I leave. The radiation will be 28 business days, 5 days a week. I will start chemo and radiation on Monday September 24th. I will go to Dr. Zaky's office first for radiation and then Dr. Borst's office for chemo.

I'm ready to start this chapter in my life. I am very positive things will come out just fine and all is going to be just fine! We have many new and exciting fundraisers coming up, so please keep an eye on the blog and we will keep you posted on all the fun exciting things to come. 

I love you guys and thak you for supporting me! :) 


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