Sunday, September 2, 2012

Day 3...

Hello All,
I am finally feeling more up to my usual self so I thought now was as good time to type up a quick email and send it out to everyone! First off I wanted to say thank you to EVERYONE that is supporting me.  Thank you for all the prayers, and positive thoughts.  Thank you for all the BEAUTIFUL flowers, teddy bears, balloons, card, magazines, books, clear liquids (haha), crossword puzzles, lotion...if I have missed anything thank you for all that too! :)
So its my third day in the hospital, let's just say I am VERY eger to get home! One of my first questions just waking up from recovery was "can I go home now?" haha I have AMAZING nursing staff, I know it just a "job" but it's one they all do so well.  A special thanks to Maria my RN I had today for the last 12 hours, she wasn't scheduled to be in today, but since they called her and were short staffed she came in.  She usually works the Neuro floor, but wasn't needed on my floor today.  She is bright eyed, and positive! She makes me laugh and always has something funny to say.  She is just someone special that was sent to brighten my day today.  So Thank you Maria for being a great nurse. Surgery was a success, they got the whole tumor that was in my cervix.  I haven't seen my doctor since before I went in to surgery, but the information I am sharing is what was given to my family members after I was out of surgery and into recovery.  As far as Dr. Borst could see with his eye, he got all the cancer from my cervix.  It was about 2 1/2cm.  Which is very large.  They sent it off to pathology and it came back as neruoendocrine carcinoma.  Which is what we were praying against. Dr. Borst did say I will need Chemotherapy for sure, but will give me about 3 weeks to recover before starting it.  He sent the lymph nodes and ligements off for more pathology and will have the results on that back in about 5 days which I hope will be Tuesday or Wednesday.  That will then tell me if the cancer was contained int he cervix or if it has spread throught my body.  Either way Chemotherapy will be done, but this will determine if Radation will be needed as well.
I have been feeling great yesterday and today.  I have been up walking around, doing laps after laps around the nursing station.  I got to shower today and mom even braided my hair.  I can't remember the last time she has done that.  It feels good being off my neck.  The shower felt fantastic. I know all my visitors were gagging on my stinch! haha But thank you for toughing it out! I smell better today! :) I have a catheter in and I am eger to get that out as well.  Dr. Janasck who is covering for Dr. Borst said he has hopes I will get that out Tuesday and will be discharged on Tuesday! Oh I can't wait for Tuesday! :) I have felt great today, I haven't had any pain medicine at all today.  I had a bout with gas pains today, as I am not allowed solid foods until I am able to pass gas.  I was given instructions to get up and walk, walking helped but was still unable to pass anything.  I was joking with Maria today when I told her she would know when I did, as all my visitors would be running out of the room gasping for fresh air! haha I finall was able to and my diet has been moved up to solids.  I had applesauce for dinner! :) My chicken noodle soup is on it's way. Maria told me I could take a wheelchair downstairs to get ouf and not be so bored, so mom is staying with me tonight, to give Scott a little break and he has to work tomorrow. So we are going to take the wheelchair for a spin and get mom some dinner! :) Over all today as been a great day! I just wanted to keep you all in the loop!
I will send out more communications when I know what the next steps will be! :) Sorry this email didn't come with more news! But...I am feeling great so that the best news we can hope for right now! :)
I love you all, and again thank you so much for supporting me!


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