Wednesday, September 12, 2012

It's The Sisters' Turn...

HOLY COW….what AWESOME people my sister has in her life, to help her kick cancer in the patootie!!  I’m clearly writing on behalf of Miss Tanya, Tata, Tati, Tat, TRizzle, T, Tan, Brat, Sis, Baby…whatever names you all have for her!  Anyhow…just wanted to give a little update!  With the recent “public” knowledge of Tanya’s battle it’s been nothing but full email boxes, texts out the wazoo, phone calls, prayers, Facebook posts…you name it…it’s happened.  So with that said Tanya is obviously very grateful but is TRYING to keep up with EVERYTHING.  She simply cannot, so we’ve stepped in…the sisters are taking over!  Tanya will be around to post of course and text, etc. but we’ve suggested she delete her Facebook app and access it on her laptop so it’s not notification after notification coming through on her phone.  If you know her at all, you know that she would be up until all hours of the night trying to respond to everyone. 
Little Missy needs her rest so she can heal from her extensive surgery.  She’s already trying to lift more than a jug of milk…I caught her just  yesterday trying to drag Ella, haha…since she couldn’t pick her up she thought dragging her like Breckin does would work! Haha.  I put the kibosh to that real quick, but it was funny! 
Tanya is at Banner Desert Medical Center as we speak sitting and waiting to get her Mediport placed!  A Mediport (aka Port) is an internally installed needle accessed device that is typically used for patients that need long term IV access; in this instance, chemotherapy.  It is surgically placed, usually by creating a false pocket somewhere in the upper chest wall.  An internal tube is then attached to a nipple on the device, with the other end of the tube then sewn into a nearby large vein (usually one of the subclavians). So now that you have a lesson on the Port…haha.  It’s an outpatient procedure, so she will return home this afternoon…surgery is at 130pm. 
Tomorrow Tata (we will call her Tata from now on) will have the PET Scan done.  What is a PET Scan? What will it show?  

A PET Scan uses radiation, or nuclear medicine imaging, to produce a 3-dimensional, color images of the functional processes within the body.  The machine detects pairs of gamma rays which are emitted indirectly by a tracer which is placed in the body on a biological active molecule.  The images are reconstructed by computer analysis.  Moder machines often use a CT X-Ray scan which is performed on the patient at the same time in the same machine.  PET Scans are used to diagnose a heath condition, as well as for finding out how an existing condition is developing.  PET Scans can show up a cancer, reveal the stage of the cancer, show whether the cancer has spread and help doctors decide on the most appropriate cancer treatment.  PET Scans are often used to see how effective an ongoing treatment is, in Tata's case...a baseline since she hasn't started treatment yet.  So that's the lesson on PET Scans...quiz anyone? Haha.   

Anyhow…there are MOUNDS & MOUNDS of fundraisers starting!  We have a Run/Walk in the works, Scentsy (see below post), Zumbathon, Navajo Taco Dinner, T-Shirts, Community Yard Sale, Jewelry  parties, Pennies from Heaven, and most recently a Chili’s Bar & Grill Give-Back Night!  That’s just SOME!!!  It’s overwhelming the amount of people out there willing to help in any way they can.  Fundraisers will be posted on this blog as they come in!  We also have the bracelets of course… any orders can be made by contacting myself (Ashley Brown) at 480.223.2263, Katrina Johnson  at 602.513.2161 or Mom- Vickie Johnson at 928.242.9538 and we can get those ordered.  I have an app on my phone for my photography business that allows me to accept credit/debit cards with a small 2.75% fee (per swipe) if you would like to purchase them this way.  A receipt via email or text is sent automatically to you after the transaction is made (within moments)…so that’s an option if you don’t want to mail!
I’m soooo very blessed to be the sister of such a strong-willed, stubborn woman who WILL beat this beast!  I’m grateful for the strong positive attitude she has…since I’ve been blubbering every chance I get (she doesn’t know that…oh crap…now she does!)  My deepest appreciation for each and every one of you for all you have done for my baby sis...keep it up! 
Since we ALL, yes…just admit it , LOVE Pinterest…I thought I would share…
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With Love,
The Sisters' (Ashley today) 

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