Monday, March 4, 2013


About two weeks or so ago I went in for a routine chest x-ray (cxr) only to get a text message the following day from Michele (Dr. Borst's PA) asking me to call her for results.  Of course I freaked out and called her right away.  She let me know the cxr showed a lung nodule on the left side.  After having Dr. Borst look over the cxr they decided we needed to move up my PET Scan (which wasn't to be done for 6 weeks, that would have been mid March). 
I had my PET Scan done last Friday.  It was a long process! I had to drink contrast, which I might add was Crystal Light infused and wasn't half bad.  I finally got that down and was moved into a room to get my catheter.  Yep you heard me...I had to get a catheter for my PET Scan.  The reason for this is with my type of cancer being in the pelvic area, and drinking all that contrast, my bladder could fill up and block some areas of what they are trying to get pictures of and that might cause them to miss something important.  Makes sense right?  Still and I can't say this enough I HATE, HATE, HATE catheters with all my life!!! This makes my third bout with catheters!!  I had the PET Scan and I have to say it went much better than the last one!!!!  The last PET I almost freaked out (yes I am a bit claustrophobic) this time they didn't have my arms tied down so it was much easier for me to just relax.  I still just kept talking to God and eventually before I knew it Fernando (my Tech) came in to tell me I was all done.  He was fantastic, which doesn't surprise me he works for Good Sam, they are all fantastic at that hospital! Fernando let me know my report would be read that same day and available to my physician by Monday (today). 
I got a call shortly after 9am this morning from Michele; letting me know she got my results back on my PET Scan.  She read me what the PET report said and when we both said "What does that mean?"  My PET Scan showed four, yes I said FOUR pulmonary nodules.  Two on the right lung and two on the left lung.  BUT the good news is there was no Cancer.  Bad news is we don't know what the nodules are on my lungs.  My cxr last month was clear, all my CT's, PET's and CXR's have all been clear.  So the questions arise "What are they??" The radiologist that read my PET suggested I have a lung biopsy.  Dr. Borst isn't ready to go that route just yet.  He is going to refer me to see a Pulmonologist.  There has to be an underlying reason why I have these nodules on my lungs.  They just appeared over the last month, but we do know they aren't cancer.  
I have many mixed feelings, I am so incredibly happy my PET Scan was clear of cancer, but then I have four nodules on my lungs and we don't know what it is.  That's scary too!!   I should hear tomorrow when my appointment is scheduled to see the Pulmonologist.  It was ordered as a STAT consult and will be this week, preferably before Wednesday as that's when I see Dr. Borst.  I haven't had my labs done yet for this week either and will have that done on Wednesday as well.  My levels have been low for about a month now.  Last week my platelets were in the 30's still.  The latest on the lab front is if this week they are still low (like they have been) they will refer me to see a Hematologist (a blood doctor).  I think by the time I am done with this whole bout with cancer I will have see just about every specialist there is!
I will continue to post about my progress! I want to thank all my supporters for everything! Thank you for encouraging me to never give up.  Thank you for always being there to help with fundraisers, and all the many many other things you all have done for me over the last 6 months... 
Thank you, Thank you, THANK YOU!

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