Thursday, March 14, 2013


TODAY...oh man today...
I was scheduled today (03.14.13) for a Lung Biopsy.  I should have known it was going to be a crazy day from the start of it.  I got to Banner Desert at 8am this morning and waited around for about an hour and a half before anyone even came to bring me back.  Which pissed me off.  The tone of the front office girl just made it that much worse.  After getting snippy with "Rose" in medical imaging, yes I am calling her out!!  I finally got called back. 
The biopsy was scheduled for 1030am, and they needed to get my blood drawn and see what my platelet count was before they did the biopsy.  WELL...yesterday I was told that my platelets were to be at 50 or higher, or I would need a blood transfusion.  Clearly my platelets were not going to be this high, as they haven't been in the 50's or higher in about two months.  So I knew I was going to need the transfusion first.  I called my pulmology office and let them know what was going on.  They said they would take care of it. 
My counts are back and they are a whopping 26!  26!!!!!  Need I remind you 140 is normal.  I am starting to think my platelets have a mind of their own and they know when I am about to have a procedure done so they act up.  The last time my counts were this low was January when I was inpatient.  So of course they had an order on file for a transfusion (if need be).  However, the order was only for one unit of blood.  Of course I am going to need more than one unit with my counts at 26.  So the radiologist calls my pulm office only to discover Dr. Bohan is out of the office and has been out of the office all week. where did this one unit of blood order come from?  Dr. Maden (the radiologist) spoke to Dr. Bohan's partner (Dr. Slobig).  Are you still with me?? haha he says he has no idea where the order came from.  For one, Dr. Bohan is out of the office and the orders apparently were signed by her, But nothing is documented in my chart.  Dr. Slobig at this point is too concerned about what is going on in his own office and doesn't feel comfortable ordering blood for me since A) I am not his patient and B) Nothing is noted in my chart.  I am at this point in a texting war with Michele from Dr. Borst's office letting her know what is going on.  She tells me to have the radiologist call her.  So finally they tell me (by this time it is 1230pm and I am irritated and starving) that they have decided to hold off on the lung biopsy at this point.  The risk with going forward with the procedure is too high.  The nodules are small...about the size of half a grape.  Apparently this is small?  Seems big to me...hmm.  So if they were to go forward with the procedure, I could A) bleed out and die (nice scare tactic) and B) It could collapse my lung.  OK LET'S WAIT!!!
So where do we go from here???
Per the radiologist, he said infection and cancer look a lot alike on a scan.  So based off the scans it is really hard to tell if it's cancer or infection.  So I have one of two choices...
1) We wait and see if the nodules get bigger or smaller. 
If they get smaller that means it is infection.  If they get bigger it means something bad or cancer.  Let's pray for infection!
2) I can wait until my platelet count is up a little higher, schedule a transfusion and the biopsy the same day and see if they can get a tissue sample to find out what it is.
I will call Michele tomorrow and get an appointment next week with a Med/Onc and to see Dr. Borst.  I will also get an appointment with Dr. Bohan for next week as well and see where we go from here.
So basically I spent 4.5 hours sitting at the hospital listening the the 20 something cry baby in the bed next to me about her 30 issues and the 1000 medications she was on.  Can you tell I am irritated?
Oh the day ended spending a few hours with two of my favorite people...Beefy and Bean.  Those two can brighten any one's day! :)
Until next time...

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