Monday, April 15, 2013


I've been needing to post about Chicago for awhile least a few days. 
However, I just haven't had time and I have been a little under the weather since Friday.  I think I might have the touch of a stomach bug or the stomach flu or something awful.  Whatever it is, I think the course has been ran and you need to move onto someone else.  Four days is TOO long to feel this crummy. 
Chicago! :)  We are all set up to fly out on 04.28.13 @ 915am and will arrive in Chicago about 245pm.  We will have some free time to see some sights and settle in before the big appointment.  My first appointment won't be until 1145am on Monday.   They are so organized it's amazing.  I got my flight information and like 10 pages of information.  Including a daily schedule down to the minute of when and where and who I'll be meeting with.
  1145am: Nurse Navigator Daily Connect
1200pm Patient Registration
1245pm Patient Escort
100pm Nurse Assessment
130pm Medical Oncology Consultation
230pm Natruropathic Medicine Consultation
300pm Nutrition Consultation
330pm Care Management Consultation
This is the first day.  It will be a long day! Full of a lot of information and I am sure my head will be spinning! I am going to bring a notebook and take notes.  I have a feeling that is the only way I am going to make it through these 5 days. I am not even sure what to expect.  I am excited and so nervous at the same time.  Each day I will check in with the Nurse Navigator and she will give me my schedule for the day and take me where I need to go.  The nice thing is I will be in one room the whole day and the doctors will come to me.  I won't have to worry about finding the right office and getting there on time.  A HUGE change in pace from what I am use to.  I am not sure when we will return as my flight home hasn't been booked yet, It won't be booked until the day before or the day we come home.  I do know we will be there until at least Thursday.  Depending on when my treatment will start and how soon after my consultation ends will depend on if I come home at all or if I stay up there through my first treatment. 
Scott is really worried about me having to go through treatment alone.  There will be times we don't have the money for him to fly up with me or the time off of work for him to be with me while I do my treatment.  I assure him I will make do and it will only be a few days.  He worries about me traveling to and from Chicago and having low levels with chemo.  I tell him I will use hand sanitizer and gloves if I have to with my masks! I will make do.  People travel all the time with cancer and low levels.  I think he is nervous and is trying to find every reason to stay home.  Ha ha he was so ready to go but I think the "unknown" is what gets us every time.  It's the nature of the beast unfortunately.  This cancer is so unpredictable.  One minute you are cancer free not a trace in your body and the next you might have mets in your lungs. 
They tell me to pack enough for a few weeks.  Also that it will be cold!!!  It's like mid 40's there this week! I am going to freeze my buns off.  I will be packing winter clothes.  Ha ha We have a friend that is from Chicago and has given us a list of things we must see and do while we are there...3 of them are to eat Pizza at very specific places! Ha ha apparently the pizza here is incredible! I however won't get the chance to enjoy a real Chicago style pizza.  Not this trip anyways.  I look forward to the rest of the list of thing to see and do in Chicago. 
We have so much to do in preparation for this trip.  Our Sophia just had knee surgery last Thursday and is in a cast for two weeks.  We will need to find something to do with our girls while we are gone.  Any takers??  Ha ha I was going to take them to Brittany's, as she has offered and it's just next door, however she has two very rambunctious dogs and they all love to play together, this however won't work with Sophia's knee.  She is on restricted movement for 5 weeks post surgery.  She is to be walked on a leash when she needs to go out.  On top of her follow up that is schedule about the same time we leave.  Why must everything come all at once? 
I will somehow to figure it all out. 

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