Friday, February 21, 2014

Tumor Sequencing Findings...

Well...all I can say is POOP!!  We got the call from T-Gen today and it wasn't the call we were hoping for.  Not the answers to the questions we were told we would get, BUUUTTT....definitely will help others down the road... 

According to the research doctor we spoke with, this specific tumor sequencing that Tanya participated in was strictly to determine if Small Cell Cancer in the ovary is similar to that of the cervix; even though Tanya was told otherwise (and maybe was told that to get her to consent.)  Who knows.  The conclusion is that to the naked eye, they are the same but under a microscope they are COMPLETELY different.  The only similarity they have is that they are both Small Cell.  We found out that Small Cell is 100% more common in the cervix than the ovary.  Isn't that crazy?  For SCCC being such a RARE cancer, it's definitely not as rare as SCOC.  

So with that said, the study won't help the ladies currently in treatment but with ongoing research in the years to come, it will help those that will be newly diagnosed.  We are feeling kind of deflated that we didn't get ANY of the questions answered that we were told as far as treatments that work on original tumors and MET's.  However, he did tell us that while he couldn't say for sure, he was almost 100% positive Small Cell Cervical Cancer is NOT genetic.  I did the happy dance and smiled.  This puts my mind at ease as I'm sure it does Katrina & my Mom too.  Since Tanya was diagnosed, I've worried that EVERY little pain, ache or issue that's come up is this cancer or any for that matter and I worry about Ella & Brinley's life in the future.  It's a lot of stress to carry around wondering if we will be diagnosed with this monster.  

This call seriously just confirms that Tanya so selflessly gave up her tumor so that others could get the answers to the questions that she & we didn't get.  Research takes years and years & today researchers learned more about SCCC than they knew yesterday and tomorrow they will know more about it than today.  So while I'm sad we didn't get the answers we were hoping for, we did get answers and that alone is still AWESOME.  We will continue to carry on supporting the fight of Neuroendocrine Small & Large Cell Cervical Cancer for Tanya, those that went before her and those that are currently fighting! 
 We won't give up, just like Tanya didn't. 


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