Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Hope for Tanya Fun Run 2014

Well good morning...or...afternoon depending on where you are!  Today is a happy day (even though i'm sad!)  Today, we purchased a website for the Hope for Tanya Foundation my family and I have set up! 

 During Tanya's fight, she always talked about how lucky she was to have such a strong support system and we want to be able to give that to others who need the support and maybe don't have as much as Tanya had.  It's an amazing feeling to go through the steps to get something established to help the many women who have to go through this fight day in and day out.  

So while our Foundation right NOW isn't here to support research, maybe someday we will be able to help in that.  We are still waiting for the results from T-Gen on her tumor sequencing that they started last year.  These types of things generally can take years, but we were told all hands are on her study because of the rarity of her cancer.  So here's to hoping we get results SOON and can pass the valuable information on to MD Anderson!!  

Anyhow, the website will come soon, when I get time to completely build it.  In the meantime, the post was really to announce we have our 2014 Hope for Tanya Fun Run in the works!  I'm currently working on sponsors, donations, shirts, water, goodie boxes, logos, banners, name it...I'm working on it!  We need help with just about all of it!  We have the shirts ready and waiting to be printed, so that's exciting!  If you own a business, know a business owner or simply want to donate as a single, that would be AMAZING!!!  Please contact me at 480.223.2263 or if interested!

Thank you! 

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