Wednesday, February 19, 2014


Guess what?!?  Last year, Tanya went to TGen where she was to start the clinical trial, which she did. While there, because her cancer is so rare they asked if she would give consent to let them do a tumor sequencing (dissect into a million little pieces & study it) to find out some VERY valuable information! She was suppose to get results in October, just a few days before her passing actually, and it wasn't ready. 

We were told these things can take years to complete but that since her cancer was so rare and aggressive they would have all hands working on it for quicker results. Well...we got a call yesterday that it's complete!!  While we were told a few different things about what exactly it would show we are hoping that it will tell:

1- Where it originated
2- When it started
3- What chemo will kill it & which to use as a back-up. 
4- What chemo will kill the METs and which to use as a back-up. 
5- Hopefully LOTS more but we aren't even sure all this will be given! 

While this doesn't help Tanya now, we are very hopeful that the findings will help others. The information will go to Dr. F in Houston, Texas at MD Anderson & the doctor from TGen will be calling to review the results over the next few days!  Hopefully this is a breakthrough in treatment for SCCC/LCCC!  Please keep praying we get lots of questions answered and that this truly means Tanya is still fighting...fighting for all the women currently fighting and those that will be diagnosed! 

This is HUGE!!  

- Ashley

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