Thursday, October 18, 2012

Chemotherapy and WBC...

Good Evening Everyone!! :)
I know someone of you see my facebook posting and some get text messages from Mom on my progress...So you all might be aware of what is going on with me this week, and some of you might not.  So I thought I would post what's going on this week with me so I make sure to keep everyone informed.
I went in Monday (10/15/12) for Chemotherapy and I had my blood work done and they told me, my WBC (White Blood Cell) count was too low. Which is what fights off infection.  Normal Counts are between 2.20-4.80...mine have been about 4.18 since chemo started, until Monday. It was 0.67 which is LOW.  This being said they told me I needed to be careful being around groups of people, I needed to wear a mask if I am around groups of people.  I made the decision to not have any visitors over until my WBC count was back up to normal.  They postponed the treatment for now until next Monday. 10/22/12) I had to get injections Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday this week, Labs drawn tomorrow (Friday) and if my labs are back up then I will be able to get chemo on Monday.
I saw my chemo doctor yesterday and I was told that not only will I need to be getting these injections at the end of each round of chemo, but they are also going to be reducing the dose of chemo.  I will explain it to you guys as it was explained to me.  Every person who receives chemo, their body will react to the chemo a different way.  Some bodies react really well to chemo and some react not at all to chemo.  My body just so happens to react VERY WELL to chemo, which is WHY, my counts dropped so low.  When you react to chemo like I did, your body is soaking up the chemo, which means my immune system takes a hit. By them reducing the chemo by 20%, this will hopefully help my body from my levels dropping so low.  IF they don't drop the chemo 20%, and they continue to keep treating me, my levels will eventually drop so low that I become in more danger than not.  Which can kill me.  So even thought they reduce the chemo by 20%, it will still be doing the same job its doing now.
I hope this means the side effects will be less? Who can pray and hope this is true! :)
I will for sure keep you all updated on the progress what what my levels come out as. They told me with the injections my numbers will be off the charts, and they have every reason to believe that my levels will be more than normal come Monday. :)
I love you all,

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