Monday, October 29, 2012

Navajo Taco Dinner!

Who doesn't LOVE navajo tacos?  And we all know everybody loves not having to cook dinner and clean up.  If you haven't had a navajo taco, now's your chance to eat some yummy food and help raise money for Miss Tanya in the process. 

We have some pretty amazing ladies working hard to put this together.  They have gotten donation after donation for the food and drinks, as well as the amazing items for the silent auction and raffle. 
We have so many items....where to start?  Well to name a few.... 

  • Homemade cedar chest, built by my amazing dad, so you know it will require 3 large men to move and will hold up for years.  Just kidding on the 3 large men. 
  • Quilt ladder, also made by my dad. 
  • Quilt~you can't have a quilt without something to put it on.  So bid on both!
  • Photo shoots
  • Car washes~might want to hang on to these for the yucky weather sure to come. 
  • Mary Kay products
  • A gorgeous necklace designed by Helmut the Jewler especially for this event.  Holy Cow, right!  Yay! 
  • And so, so, so many more. 
You just might be able to do some Christmas shopping while eating dinner.  Who could pass that up.  Better bring your $$$, you don't want someone to out bid you.  Come and join us, and bring the entire family!!
See  you Saturday!  Katrina

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  1. Thank you everyone who had a part in this event