Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Feeling Fab...

Hello!!! :) It's me again...
I wanted to give a little update on how things have been going. I know it's been while since I last blogged. Last week I was unable to get Radiation 3 of the 5 days.  Two days due to my intestines not lining up and the other due to the machine being down.  So I had a nice little weekend of just relaxing without treatment!! It sure was nice!!!!!! :) NO early morning appointments, no labs, no doing nothing but relaxing. Mom went with Ashley to the Mountain this past weekend so it was just Scott and I at home with the puppies. :) Bailey had her surgery on Friday so she was recovering with me all weekend.  :) We decided to have her fixed.  So we now have three sterile females in the house! ha ha I joke, but it's true. :)
I am finished with my first round of chemo, so I have two weeks free, with  just radiation.  It's been nice not having to run all over town. My second chemo round will start on Monday October 15th. My graduation day will be on January 9th just before my birthday! Depending on how I feel and how my doctor reacts when I say I'm having a BIG OL PARTY for my graduation/birthday!!! So get your party pants ready!!!
I am feeling great! I can't wait until my belly is fully healed from surgery and I am able to sleep on my belly, I miss that so much.  I am slowly getting there, I am actually able to lay half on my side and half of my belly.  It's not the same still ha ha.  I was taking a multi vitamin and it must have been too strong, It was exhausting me. I had no energy and I wanted to just sleep all day long.  Once I stopped taking it and changed it to just a normal multi vitamin I have so much more energy and I feel great! :) I am able to actually go all day without a nap! I have been loosing weight, I am down 8 pounds from the day I had surgery. I don't know really what's making me lose weight cuz I have a better appetite than Scott, and God knows that man LOVES his food! :) Just the other day we had finished eating, I polished off an entire FOOT LONG SUB from SUBWAY, and a couple hours later I look at him and say "I'm hungry"are you? His jaw drops and he says "No!!!! How can you be so hungry you had a FOOT LONG" ha ha It's great that I have such a large appetite! I guess Cancer patients don't usually have one, and that's why they lose weight.  I met with the dietitian today and she was impressed I was feeling so great! ha ha I guess Cancer patients don't usually feel great either! ha ha :) She said the reason I am probably so hungry is because my body is healing from surgery and all that healing uses so much energy so I burn a lot of calories. She wanted me to be on a high protein diet, which I knew already.  She gave me a list of foods that would help hit high marks! ha ha Overall I feel great! I hope and pray this feeling sticks with me all throughout treatment. I will for sure keep you all posted.

Please remember today is the Chili's give back day, so go have lunch, dinner, desert, HAPPY HOUR at Chili's and mention Hope for Tanya!!!  Keep in mind as well you can do this as a take out orders too!

We have a lot of fundraisers going on from Chili's Gives back to Coach Purse Raffles, so keep an eye on the blog for the latest and greatest fundraisers!!!

Much Love,


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