Monday, October 15, 2012


Good Morning, Good Afternoon, Good Evening and Good night!!! (I'm not sure what time of day your reading this post) haha

First off I want to Thank Each and Everyone who went to the 5K Fun Run this weekend.  It was a big success and It's most appreciated.  We raised almost $2000 dollars! Thank You, Thank You, THANK YOU!! We still have shirts left over, so if anyone is interested in buying them, they are going for $12 dollars.  Let me know if you want one.  They are the shirts from the Run, sizes are Med, LG, XL and ONE 2XL.
 As for treatment, I had Radiation and Chemotherapy today. Radiation has been going ok.  Last Friday (10/12/12) was a rough day.  I Went in for radiation, they couldn't get me set right on the table, so I ended up being there on the table for about 2 hours.  Like I have said before, this is the most uncomfortable position in THE WORLD!  By the time I left I was more than irriatated. I wasn't looking forward to going back this week, but today went wonderful! :) Thank you Lord!! As for Chemotherapy today I was suppose to start my second round, but I was unable to get treatment.  I have what they call Neutropenia.  What this is, is when your white cell count is too low, this being low causes some concern when it comes to infection or catching a cold.  Since my levels are low this means if I were to catch a cold I wouldn't be able to fight off an infection. Which is very dangerous.  So we will postpone my second round of treatment to next week.  I will get a injection in my arm today, tomorrow and Wednesday. The injectino is called Neupogen.  Neupogen helps my body raise the white cell counts to normal levels. I can't have treatment until my levels are back to normal. I will have blood work drawn on Friday to see where my levels are and if they are normal then treatment will start back again on Monday. 

Due to treatment, my hair has been falling out a lot! I mean a LOT.  I couldn't handle it any longer, I was picking hair off myselft, whatever I was sitting on, clothes, food EVERYTHING!! It was just becoming too much and driving me crazy.  So I had to just shave it off. I shaved it off last night.  It's a huge adjustment. My head has been so sore lately. Really sore lately.  It feels like I have had my hair in a pony tail for like 13 days and just took it out and it's just really sore.  It makes it hard to sleep at night cuz just rubbing my hair hurts. Once it all falls out it will be much better and not so sore. I think I can pull the bald look off a little bit. haha :) I still think my face looks fat! haha

Other than that all is well! :)

Thanks for reading and I will post again soon!


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