Thursday, October 25, 2012


:) Happy Thursday to you all!!! :)
This round hasn't been too bad. I started out with blood work on Monday. Which my WBC came back in the 5's, which was higher than what I started out as. So that's great news!!! I was able to receive treatment this week.  I am going 3 days of chemotherapy and on day 4 I go back in to get my Neulasta injection.  This injection helps keep my WBC levels up while the chemo is going through my body.  This helps keep my levels at healthy ranges and out of the danger zone, (so I don't have to wear a mask when I am out in public or avoid visitors). Today is officially the end of my second round of chemotherapy.  So today marks the official last day of treatment, FOR ROUND 2!!!
Whoot Whoot!!!  Since Chemo was pushed back a week due to my WBC levels, my actual graduation date for Chemo won't be until my Birthday, (January 17th) but what a great Birthday present to be done with treatment officially!! :)
I have been feeling a little nauseous all week.  My gag reflexes have been on high alert for the past few days. Which makes eating a chore to say the least. The best way I can explain it is I am STARVING, like ALL THE TIME...I am nauseous at the same time, since I am so nauseous, and with my gag reflexes working over time I don't want to eat and get sick.  It's a give or take situation. Ha ha ha sometimes I can eat like nobodies business and others I am choking it down. Which is frustrating!!!!! I am STARVING after all! ha ha
Radiation has been going well! It makes me very sleepy after treatment and I have been sleeping half the day.  Poor Mom, I am sure she is bored and heck.  One more reason I can't wait to finish treatment.  I am almost done with Radiation, 7 for days and I am done!!! Whoot Whoot!!!!! I can NOT wait to graduate and ring that dang bell.  Graduation day will be on November 5th about 8am. Ha ha I am not sending out graduation announcements or anything! Ha ha just know it's happening and I am pretty excited about it! I am one step closer to kicking Cancer's ass and being Cancer Free!!!! YAHOO!!! YAHOO!!!
Well that's all I have for now!! I hope this post finds you all healthy, happy and well. 
I love you,

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